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When Claudius flees from the 'Mousetrap' play, as Hamlet hoped he would.

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2010-04-30 12:21:09
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Q: Hamlet is convinced the ghost is not evil when?
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Why is the ghost thought to be an evil omen Hamlet?

The ghost's appearance indicates to the guards that "something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

Why doesn't horatio want Hamlet to follow the ghost?

horatio does not want hamlet to follow the ghost because horatio thinks its something evil like the devil in the form of his dead father trying to presuade him

Who is the ghost name that appears in the play Hamlet?

The ghost is King Hamlet, Hamlet's deceased father.

What does the ghost command him not to do in Hamlet?

The ghost tells Hamlet not to bother his mother.

How does Hamlet learn about the ghost?

HAMLET learns about the ghost from horatio and marcellus

Who is the ghost in the play Hamlet?

The ghost is the spirit of Hamlet's father, come to ask Hamlet to avenge his death.

What did the ghost reveal to prince hamlet?

He told Hamlet that he (the Ghost) had been murdered by Hamlet's uncle Claudius.

Which character cannot see the ghost Hamlet?

You cannot see the ghost hamlet

What is Hamlet's father called in 'Hamlet'?

King Hamlet or The Ghost.

What did the ghost ask Hamlet to do?

The ghost of Hamlet's father asked his to avenge his death and kill his brother, hamlet's uncle

Who last saw the ghost in Hamlet?


What does the ghost in Hamlet symbolize?

if you are asking this for, say, a homework assignment, then I recommend you figure it out on your own, as your teacher could find this easily.The ghost in Shakespeare's Hamlet is Hamlet's father, who is dead. In Hamlet, Hamlet's father is killed by Hamlet's uncle. Hamlet's father's ghost (the ghost) comes back to basically tell Hamlet what happened, and to tell him (more or less) to have revenge on Hamlet's uncle.

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