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Jon Gosselin has 8 children

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Q: How many children does Jon Gosselin have?
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Related questions

Is Jon Gosselin dead?

No. Jon Gosselin lives in Pennsylvania near his children.

Are Jon and Kate Gosselin's kids adopted?

No. All eight (8) of the Gosselin children are Jon and Kate's biological children.

Where do Jon and Kate Gosselin's children live?

The Gosselin children live in central Pennsylvania.

Is gosselin dead?

No. Jon Gosselin lives in Pennsylvania near his children.

What state do Jon and Kate Gosselin live?

Jon and Kate Gosselin, and their children, live in Pennsylvania. Jon Gosselin has his own apartment in the area of the house so that he can be close to his children, and to make his custody days easier.

How many kids does Kate Gosselin have now?

Kate Gosselin has 8 (eight) children who she parents along with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

Will Jon Gosselin get custody of the 8 children?

Jon and Kate Gosselin share custody of their children 50/50. Kate lives at the house with the children, and leaves when Jon has his turn taking care of the kids.

How many kids does Jon Gosselin have?

Jon Gosselin has 8 children

Will Jon Gosselin live in the Gosselin's old house?

No. The Gosselin home featured in the first few seasons of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' was sold. Jon Gosselin moved on and has his own home with space for this children when he has custody.

Do the Gosselin children see Jon's family?

Not often.

Is Jon Gosselin going to get married to his girlfriend?

In May 15, 2012 interview, Jon Gosselin was interviewed with his girlfriend. At this time there are no marriage plans - but her children have met Jon's children and she has met Jon Gosselins ex-wife.

How many brothers does Jon Gosselin have?

Jon Gosselin has two brothers, Thomas Jr. and Mark.

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