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Jon Gosselin has 8 children

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Q: How many children does Jon Gosselin have?
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Is gosselin dead?

No. Jon Gosselin lives in Pennsylvania near his children.

Is Jon Gosselin dead?

The reason that Jon got fired from his job is because he always showed up to work late and always ways stressed out.

Will Jon Gosselin get custody of the 8 children?

Jon and Kate Gosselin share custody of their children 50/50. Kate lives at the house with the children, and leaves when Jon has his turn taking care of the kids.

Will Jon Gosselin live in the Gosselin's old house?

No. The Gosselin home featured in the first few seasons of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' was sold. Jon Gosselin moved on and has his own home with space for this children when he has custody.

Do the Gosselin children see Jon's family?

Not often.

Does Jon Gosselin have children?

Jon Gosselin has all of his children. Jon and Kate Gosselin share custody equally, rotating in and out of the house to share parenting of their eight (8) children. The kids stay together - they are not divided between the parents. The exact schedule is not known, and is somewhat confusing given the number of events that are staged for the sake of their reality show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8."

How many kids are on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

There are eight children in the Gosselin family featured in 'Jon and Kate Plus 8."

Is Jon Gosselin still at the Gosselin house?

No. Jon is only at the Gosselin house when it is his turn to take care of the children. The rest of the time he lives in a condo in New York City.

How many brothers does Jon Gosselin have?

Jon Gosselin has two brothers, Thomas Jr. and Mark.

Will Jon and Kate Gosselin have more children together?

Probably not.

Does Jon Gosselin live in the apartment over the garage?

No. Jon does not live anywhere near the Gosselin house when it is not his turn to be with the children. When it's his turn to be there, then Jon is supposed to live in the house with the children and Kate's supposed to be away from the house.

What does Jon Gosselin think about his children being on reality television?

Jon Gosselin made several statements around the time of the divorce about his reluctance to continue to feature his children on reality television.