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No. An asteroid can be anything from 10 metres to 487km as in the case of Ceres the largest asteroid.

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An asteroid is a space rock in orbit around the Sun which is big enough to be detected through a telescope, but not big enough to be considered a "dwarf planet".

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Q: How big or small can an asteroid be?
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How big is a moon?

Anywhere from a small asteroid to Earth's size, depending on the planet.

What meteor inthe outer space?

If it's big, its an asteroid, if its small its a meteoroid. (But no one defines "big" or "small".

How small is the biggest asteroid?

It isn't. The biggest asteroid wouldn't be categorized as small.

What is difference between asteroids and meteoroids?

Their definitions overlap a lot, but to keep it simple, meteoroid small, asteroid big.

Was the big bang a asteroid?


How did the asteroid belt get into space?

The most likely explanation for the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter; is that the gravitational pull of the two planet prevented another planter from forming between. Another possible explanation is that the Asteroid Belt Was once a small planet that was smashed to bits by a big comet or meteor. The debris from that destroyed small planet became the Asteroid Belt.

Can an asteroid be as small as a head?

Yes asteroids come in many different sizes - from as small as dust to bodies as big as Vesta which is 525 kilometers or 326 miles in diameter.

Why does an asteroid have many craters?

An asteroid has many craters because each asteroid was a big rock that broke into many peices

Why does asteroid not have any atmosphere?

They are to small

Is a big asteroid more harmful than a small one?

No asteroid is at all harmful to us or to Earth unless our planet and the Asteroid draw unusually close together. If that were to happen, then yes, you'd have to say that for a close encounter of any given distance, the probability of unpleasant results would vary roughly in proportion to the asteroid's physical size.

What country did the 2008 asteroid hit in Canada?

no it was not an asteroid that hit the earth, it was kevins big mouth

What is the asteroid coming on feb 15 and how big is it?

The asteroid is known as 2012 DA14. It is about 150 feet across.