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If legal custody has been established by court order, the grandparent(s) should file a Petition For Relinquishment in the Juvenile Court of the county or city of residence. Some states require the custodial person(s) to attend counseling in an attempt to resolve the family problems before a petition can is filed. If the custody was given arbitrarily by the parent(s) without use of legal procedures the parent(s) are still financially and legally responsible for the minor and should be notified that the child is to returned to their custody. If this is not possible, the grandparent(s) may ask the juvenile court to make the minor child a ward of the state if no other relative is willing to accept the responsibility.

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Q: How can a grandparent give up custody of their teenage grandchild?
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Can a mother give the grandmother custody with the child's father's consent?

If both parents agree to the relinquishment of their parental rights, a grandparent can petition the court for guardianship rights. Temporary custody (3 months or less) can be granted w/o the necessity of court procedure. Longer term or permanent custody must be done in accordance with the laws of the state in which the child now resides.

Does a mother have to give the father sole custody of her child?


Can a father get custody back if he gave up on custody previously?

No Because when you give up custody you cant get it back Trust me my moms a lawyer and she gone through a custody battle before So i know what im talkin about

When DSS puts child in protective custody do you have to go in front of a judge to give custody to someone else in SC?

Yes. The legal custody of a minor can only be affected or changed by a court order.

What should you do to give custody of a child back to his mother?

It depends on why you have custody and who arranged it. You should visit the court that issued the custody order or guardianship and inquire there.It depends on why you have custody and who arranged it. You should visit the court that issued the custody order or guardianship and inquire there.It depends on why you have custody and who arranged it. You should visit the court that issued the custody order or guardianship and inquire there.It depends on why you have custody and who arranged it. You should visit the court that issued the custody order or guardianship and inquire there.

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How much money can a grandparent give a grandchild?

As much as they want while ignoring the parents.

Will a judge give a grandparent custody of a grandchild if the grandparent is an alcoholic?

That issue must be brought before the court so the situation can be investigated. Whoever is making the claim should bring the problem to the court's attention and provide some proof to the court since the placement would not be in the best interest of the child.

Can a parent give custody of their child to to a grandparent?

Yes, if the other parent (who has parental rights) consents and it's a suitable arrangement. The grandparent would become the legal guardian.

How does California grandparent give up guardianship of grandchild to another out of state relative?

By petitioning the court with jurisdiction (where the child legally resides) for a custody modification based on the same. There will be a hearing where both parties will be expected to attend. Ultimately, the judge will rule in favor of what he/she feels is in the best interests of the child.

Can a step-dad keep a grandchild away from the grandparent?

If he has not adopted, he probably has no legal rights. You should talk to a local attorney. They can give you the best answers for your situation.

When you give custody of your child to their grandparent and you want to move out of state but want visits can the judge stop you from moving?

Possibly, depending on where you live. You would need to provide your state of residence as well as outline whether or not your parental rights were terminated when your grandparent obtained custody of your child.

You have joint custody of your grandchild will being the power of attorney of the child also give you more control?

no, having joint custody gives you more control than having power of attorney.

Does a grandparent have a legal right to adopt their grandchild?

yes and no if the parents give you permission then yes but if they passed away with no mill depending on how old the child is it would depend. it would also depend on whats best for the child

Can one parent terminate their parental rights and the other just give legal guardianship to a grandmother?

The court decides if he is allowed to terminate his parental rights. The custodial parent can then give custody to a grandparent if they wish. Both of you would then have3 to pay child support to the grandparent. Terminating parental rights does not get you out of paying for the child.

Can a husband legally sign over his parental rights to his mom to give her a better chance to get sole custody from your dtr?

No. If the court allows him to give them up, which they would not in this case, the mother is the only one with parental rights. Parental rights is not something you can give away or pass around to different people. As long as the mother is fit there is no way a grandparent would get custody.

Your fiance's brother is sixteen years old and lives with his mom his grandparents have custody but mom has him she allows him to smoke pot and drink she lies to the grandparent how can we prove it?

You give the kid a urine test that's what my parents did to me.

Can custody be given from a parent to someone outside of the family?

yes if the court sees that it is in the child's best interst i.e parents do drug as no grandparent but has a famliy friend who loves the child and can give then a better life

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