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You need vba roms from

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Q: How can you get games on my vba?
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Do vba supports GameCube?

No, the VBA emulator will not play GameCube games. The VBA emulator plays Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.

Can you play Pokemon SoulSilver on vba?

No, as VBA does not support Nintendo DS games. The best emulator for HeartGold and SoulSilver is No$gba.

Can vba play ds games?

I have tried using VBA to play the DS games, but it's pretty useless. After trying tons of ways- change format to .gba, etc. I am forced to conclude that there is no way to play DS games on VBA. Don't get me wrong, I'm not lying to you, but as one who has tried, I have no choice but to conclude that cruel fact of the emulator world. There is absolutely no way to play DS games on a VBA emulator.

Where can you download free vba games?

from google mail people

Were do you download games to play to your vba?

search this in google (gbxemu)

How do you enter games on a Visual Game Boy Advance?

do not use the vba

How do you record vba games?

You can use a screen record software like HyperCam or LiteCam.

Whats the site to download advance map fr hacking vba games?

What is a vba emulator in ruby version?

VBA: Brand of Emulator Emulator: A program to play video games on a different system (a computer in most cases) Pokemon Ruby: A video game (that you can play on an emulator)

How to add Pokemon onto Pokemon games VBA or Desmume?

Use Gameshark Codes.Search them on Google.Then (this is only for VBA)open file,Cheat List,Gameshark codes.Name your Cheat and paste the code.Then Turn on VBA and Roam in the grass.You will find the Pokemon you wanted.Another way is to have many pokeballs and roam in the grass,etc.

Where Can you Find Pokemon Pearl In VBA?

You can't. Pokemon Pearl is a NDS game, and VBA (visual boy advance) can only play Gameboy Advance games. For Pokemon Pearl, you have to look for NosGBA or another NDS Emulator.

What do you do after you download Visual Boy Advance 1.8.0 Beta3?

You download the roms of the games you want to play and load them into the VBA.