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Most women have a cycle that is fool-proof of telling you when you conceived. Whether your cycle is 28 days or 35 days, or something totally different, the majority of women ovulate at the same time. You ovulate about 12-14 days after you start your period. (When you ovulate, this is the time you can become pregnant.) For example, if you started your period on the 1st day of the month, you will be ovulating on about the 12th-14th of that month. It does not matter how long your period last. Women can only become pregnant about 2 days out of their cycle, so it is pretty easy to tell when you became pregnant. Just remember when you started your last period, and count about 12-14 days after that. (This can vary a little from woman to woman, but 12-14 is typical. It could be anywhere from 11-16. But in each cycle, there are only about 2 days a woman can actually become pregnant.) If there is any time in those 2 days that you had sex, chances are that is the time that made you pregnant.

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Q: How can you tell when you got pregnant?
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