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The Iliad ends with a description of Hector's burial.

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With the funeral of Hector.

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Q: How did The Iliad end?
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Did Iliad or odyssey tell the story of the last years of the Trojan war?

The Iliad was about a couple of months near the end of the War. The Odyssey was about Odysseus' long voyage home after it.

What are Achilles' and Hector's similarities in The Iliad?

glory in battle, tragic characters, fight till the end

Who is the star of The Iliad?

The STAR of Iliad is Achilles

Is Hector a heroe from The Iliad?

Yes Hector is from the Iliad.

Why the story of homer iliad was titled iliad?


How does the odyssey continue the of the Iliad?

The Odyssey continues the story of the Iliad by telling that Odysseus is one of the Greek heroes of the Iliad.

Famous epic poem by homer?

The famous epic poem by Homer is called "The Iliad" and it is about the Trojan War.

Who is the main Trojan characters of the poetry The Iliad?

Hector - acting chief of the Trojan forces - is by far the most important Trojan in the Iliad. Hector's death marks the end of the poem, and the last line is: These were the funeral rites of Hector, tamer of horses. Other important Trojan characters in the Iliad include Aeneas, Paris, Priam, and Hecuba.

How wrote The Iliad and the odysessy?

Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odysessy

What's The Iliad in greek mythology?

The Iliad is about the Trojan War.

How old is The Iliad?

the Iliad was mad in 720 C.E. in Constantinople.

Who was Homer and what is his connection with The Iliad?

Homer is the person that supposedly wrote the Iliad.