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Nagato give pein the rinnegan

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Q: How did pein get rinnegan?
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How did Nagato give Pein the rinnegan?

Nagato is Pein, so if he was Pein, then Pein would already have the Rinnegan.

What eye tequnique does pein have?

The eye techinque used by both Nagato and Pein/Pain is called Rinnegan

Are sakura and pein brother and sister?

NO they are not. It may be a fun idea for a fanfiction but Pein and Sakura are not brother and Sister, if they were because you are either born with Rinnegan or earn it from many years of eteranl Mangekyo Sharingan, she would also most likely have the Rinnegan, or at least stick around Pein.

Does Naruto get the rinnegan?

Well.. it si unlkikely that he will get the rinnegan since madara stole it from nagato (pein) but he has a very special and mysterious locked power that itachi gifted to him

In naruto can more than one person possess the rinnegan?

only pein and his other bodies know rinnengan

Does pein have the Rinnegan in Naruto shippuden Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3?

yes he uses it to use all his jutsu

What is pein last name?

he is from the rain village and he grew up with konan and yahiko.peins parents died,some leaf villagers killed them and then pein used his rinnegan and they died and now he is an akatsuki with konan.HE IS THE LEADER OF AKATSUKI

Is Jariya still alive?

He was killed in battle against Pain (Leader of Akatsuki, holder of the Rinnegan.)

Who s the real pein?

the real pain is nagato because it is him who has the rinnegan they showed him in the manga when he was yonng he was a student of jiraiye along with konan and yahiko. but in the book it shows yahiko drains most of nagatos rinnengan power and calls himself pein because he feels others pain

How jiraiya train pein?

pein was known as nagato then.He had one unknown friend he has another friend callad konan they eventually met jiriaya who taught them ninjitsu teaching them every thing he knows nagato also learned the rinnegan his "unknown friend" name was yahiko

Pein in Naruto?

Pein is the cover Akastuki leader. Tobi A.K.A Madara Uchiha is the actual Akastuki leader. Pein isn't the real leader. Pein's friend Nagato died when they were teenagers and he took in Nagato's Rinnegan (like sharingan or byakugan) and Konan and Pein met Madara and that's when they formed Akastuki. By the way Konan is Pein's other friend. They met after Pein's parents were killed right in front of his eyes and he took his dog away from the house the parents were killed at and was stuck in rain hungry. So Konan fed the two bread and that's how they became friends too.

Is pein stronger than Naruto?

Naruto is technically stronger, (with and perhaps w/o the fox). Though, I personally think Pein is stronger since he has the rinnegan and his 6 "paths of Pein". If Pein fought Naruto at full strength instead of after fighting everyone and blowing the village to pieces, then it would've been more unclear of the fight's outcome. Yes, Naruto defeated Pain, therefore he is stronger.