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Georges Lemaître, a physicist and Belgian Catholic priest, set down one of the first modern propositions of the Big Bang theory for the origin of the universe. It was in 1927 that he published his "hypothesis of the primeval atom", which was based on Einstein's work.

Edwin Hubble came along in 1929 with the physical observations that the universe is expanding. This confirmed Lemaître's ideas. It turns out that far away objects are moving away from us quickly. And the farther away they are, the faster they're moving away. Other astronomers looked to see if they could see it in the so-called redshift (Doppler shift) in the retreating galaxies and other bright, distant objects. They could. Since the universe was expanding (and it was and still is according to all observations), the next logical step is to "rewind" the show all the way back to where the universe started expanding. Presto! Big Bang!

How did the Big Bang theory originate? That's it in a nutshell. Links are provided to the relevant Wikipedia articles on the Big Bang cosmological model.

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Q: How did the Big Bang theory originate?
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The Big Bang Theory

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We can only speculate-big bang theory or creation-whichever you choose to believe.

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The Big Bang theory

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Hello i am minakshi answer is that the big bang theory is an example of old scientific theory as big bang theory explains that there was an explosion but the isotropy and the homogenity of the universe is not explained by big bang theory to explain his we connect inflatation theory with big bang theory to explain it so the big bang theory is also an example of old scientific theory.

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BIG Bang is a hypothesis and on the basis of cern research big bang theory was proposed.

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Nobody created the big bang theory. The big bang theory created and developed itself.

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the disputes of the big bang theory are the acelerating universe ,and the homogenous and isotoropy of space are not suggested by big bang theory.

Scientists extrapolate backwards in time to derive?

the big bang theory

Big bang theory happen?

BIG Bang is a hypothesis and on the basis of cern research big bang theory was proposed.

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