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Are you talking about season three?

Well basically!

Adrianna becomes a singer and becomes famous and starts a deal with a popular singer Havier! Havier tells Adrianna that she will fail at her carrer without him because she has no good songs to sing, and Havier flaunts his own song book to her to rub it in her face. Havier dies in a car crash and Adrianna steals it and becomes an even bigger pop hit! Her manager finds out and threatens her by saying things like "you fire me and i will tell you secret"

Mr Cannon is a new teacher and Naomi falsely accuses him of sexual assalt. Naomi admits she is wrong, but one night, Mr Cannon rapes Naomi and she is harmed mentally. SHe tells Silver and she doesnt believe her because she falsely accused Mr Cannon before. Mr Cannon takes Naomi and Silver hostgae and he gets arrested.

Silver and NAvid get have an affair and Adrianna finds out and sends the school a naked photo of Silver.

Navid's dad is a child pornographer and leaves the family so he doesnt go to jail.

Adriannas manager tells everyone her secret, yet she convinces the public that it was a disease after being in the car crash with Havier.

Teddy is gay with his class enemy and his 'boyfriend' gets upset when Teddy doesnt want to tell anyone so he blackmails him.

Liam and Annie are toghether.

Ivy and Dixon are boyfriend and girlfriend and Dixon fears that he has HIV so he breaks up with her. Ivy sleeps with Oscar who has ALSO slept wth IVy's mum. Oscar is mad at Ivy's mum so Oscar tells Ivy that him and her mum slept together.

Annie's cousin comes to stay and tries to ruin her life by stealing Liam, getting her fired, supsended...etc.

Naomi falls in love with a nerd after getting his help with saving lots of her money, since a guru she trusted steals it from her...

Naomi's sister and Mr. Matthews have a baby and Jen thinks she's a bad mother so she runs away.

Mr Matthews and Annie's mom sleep togetehr after Annie and Dixon's parents divorce.

Annie works for a woman and the woman asks Annie if she would sell her eggs to her because she can't get pregant but she refuses...

its not in chronological order! *thats all ive gotten up to in the series!*

sorry if i missed anything out, or wrote things from Season 2 - i did this form memory!

hope i helped xoxo

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There is going to be a earth quake in beaverly hills.Naiomi is going to get raped. she is going to try and catch the man. jen is going to have a baby with mr.Matthews. Annie is going to fall in love with Liam's half brother. Liam is going to try and get Annie to like him.Dixon is going to go out with Ivy. Ivy's friend Oscar is going to sleep with Ivy's mom. He is going to get her and Dixon broken up.Mr.andMrs. Wilson are going to get a divorce.Andrianna is going to become a star. she is going to steal a dead boy's song. but his manager had him record it. So victor the boy's manager is going to become Andrianna's manager.Adrinna's boyfriend Navid is not going to like her manager. Silver is going to spend more time with Navid.There are new people who are on the show. Tune to the cw 17 channel 9 to watched every Monday at 8:00 TO 9:00.

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The cast of the TV show 90210 features some of the following actors and actresses: Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor, Tori Spelling as Donna Martin, Luke Perry as Dylan McKay, and Jason Priestley as Brandon Walsh.

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New episodes of 90210 are shown on the CW, at 9:00, on Tuesdays. In the UK new episodes are on E4 9:00, Mondays.

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90210 is about a group of teens living in Beverley hills,US (postcode :90210).

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Q: How did the show 90210 end?
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Was 90210 a popular tv show from 1997?

Beverly Hills 90210 was a popular TV show in 1990-2000. A remake of the TV show, 90210, was also popular in 2008 and still plays today.

Is 90210 renewed?

Yes the show is renewed. YAY! Thank GOD! Season 2 will air sometime in the fall.

Is Dixon leaving 90210?

Dixon never left 90210. He was there the entire TV show.

Do you like the TV show 90210?

yea its my favourite show

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Netflix has all of the seasons of the show 90210. This can be watched online if you have a Netflix account.

Where can you watch 90210 online?

Netflix has all of the seasons of the show 90210. This can be watched online if you have a Netflix account.

Is 90210 the new Beverly Hills 90210?

Beverly Hills 90210 was the original tv show. The 90210 that is on tv just now is not a remake but the next generation which has a few of the characters from the first show appearing in it as adults. However, most of them seem to have disappeared by the third season and it focuses more on the teenagers - none of whom are the children of those in the first show.

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90210 is an American television series which revolves around a couple of students. The name of the doctor on the television show 90210 is Doctor Robert Rey.

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