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The Supreme Court at first said that it was the states' business and the federal government could not interfere. Later on, the Supreme Court made racial segregation illegal.

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Q: How did the supreme court respond to the growth of racial segregation?
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When did segregation of blacks and whites begin?

It began in 1896 when the Supreme Court ruled in Plessy vs Ferguson that racial segregation was constitutional.

What was the Supreme court case Brown vs Board of Education about?

The Supreme Court case Brown vs. Board of Education was about racial segregation in public schools. The court cased declared this segregation unconstitutional.

What is the abolishment of racial segregation?

Desegregation was the abolishment of racial segregation.

Was plessy vs Ferguson in favor of slavery?

No, the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court case was not about slavery. It was a landmark case in 1896 that upheld racial segregation laws, introducing the "separate but equal" doctrine, allowing for legal segregation and discrimination. It maintained racial segregation and laid the groundwork for decades of racial inequality in the United States.

How do you use unconstitutional in a sentence?

In 1954, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional, because such segregation is inconsistent with the 14th Amendment.

When did racial segregation end in the UK?

The United Kingdom never had racial segregation.

What statement is the best description of the plessy v Ferguson supreme court?

Which of these statements accurately describes the Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision of 1896?

What was the court case that the supreme court unanimously ruled that racial segregation in public schools a violation?

Brown v. Board

How did the Supreme Court's interpretation of the equal protection clause differ in the Plessy Ferguson and Brown v Board of Education rulings?

in plessy, the supreme court ruled that the clause allowed racial segregation; in the brown, it ruled that clause did not allow segregation

What was the effect of the supreme court case brown vs board of education?

It ended racial segregation in schools across the United States.

What was the point of the Supreme Court case Plessy v. Ferguson Why was it allowed and followed in the first place?

legally sanctioned racial segregation

Which effect can be traced directly to the supreme courts ruling in plessy v ferguson?

racial segregation was permitted for nearly 60 years