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Q: How do sai-sai fish light up?
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When was Zheng Saisai born?

Zheng Saisai was born on 1994-02-05.

What actors and actresses appeared in Nennen saisai - 2009?

The cast of Nennen saisai - 2009 includes: Manami Enosawa Mizuki Sashide

Is the fish a herbivore?

No It eats fish that it lures with its light. This is maid up of glowing bacteria.

Is the sabretooth fish light up?

nope hahaha hello

Can a sword fish be in light?

hey bro wat up G

What are the names of fishes that produce light?

john( the fish produces light ), Mary ( the fish produces light ), ,Toby ( the fish produces light ), may ( the fish produces light ),

What are the crystals in the skin of fish?

Some fish have skin made up of alternating layers of guanine crystals and cytoplasm to avoid polarized light and reflect un-polarized light.

What is the puffer fish color?

puffer fish are light brown but white when puffed up.

What makes a lightning bug light up and why do they light up?

They light up when the concentration of the enzymes increases.This phenomenon is called as BIO LUMINESCENCE . This can also be seen in the angler fish in the deep oceans.The fish uses this light as a trap for fishes & animals.When the animals comes near the light the fish attacks the prey with its razor sharp fangs.

Where do light fish live?

light fish live in the artic ocean

Which fish has a light producing organ?

there are three different kinds of fish that produce light and they are oar fish and lantern fish and barrel eye fish

Why do angler fish have a light on there head?

yes and they light up to attract other fish then eat them!