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Say "can we all have a minutes silence" for .........

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Q: How do you call for a minutes silence at a meeting?
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What do you call the person that prepares the minutes of a meeting?

Secretary of the meeting. Secretary of the Board Meeting

What is the song played after the minute of silence on Remembrance Day?

The BUGLE CALL after the Three Minutes Silence is the call 'Reveille', played at the start of every day to tell the troops to get out of bed!

Do you say is the minutes of the meeting or are the minutes of the meeting?

are the minutes of the meeting ...

Do you say minutes of the meeting was or minutes of the meeting were?

I believe you say: minutes of the meeting were...

Why did they call a meeting?

what was the meeting in Philadelphia call

What doesn't make a sound and disappears when you call its name?

Silence because when you say something when you are in a silent atmosphere then you are breaking the silence. Therefore it is not silent anymore.

How did Kingston's teachers respond to her silence during her kindergarten year?

They were concerned about her silence, so they called a meeting with her parents

How long does the silence last for on remembrance day?

The silence lasts for 2 minutes.

Who am I if you call my name I disappear?

The name is silent / silence. If you say anything to silence or where there is silence, you have ended the silence; it disappears.

How long is the silence on Remembrance Day?

The silence on remembrance day is 2 minutes long.

Is it correct to write the minutes of the meeting were or was adopted?

The "MINUTES" of the meeting are plural therefore they WERE adopted.

Does the noun minutes of a meeting take a singular or plural verb?

The minutes of meeting is attached.

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