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He had 30 grandchildren because only 2 children passed infancy and so they each had 15 kids.

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Q: How do you disown your biological abusive mother so that she cannot claim visitation rights over her grandchildren when the grandchildren live in CA and the grandmother in CO?
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Can an abusive father get custody or visitation of the child?

He will not get custody, but he can get supervised visitation.

Can a custodial parent call children and text them obsessively during their visitation with their non custodial parent?

This could be considered interference and abusive, but the issue will need to be raised with the courts.

Can a 16 year old in Alberta leave home?

Can a 16 yr old move out of an abusive home where he lives with step dad because him and his biological mother have no relations due to a ugly divorce and move to his biological grandparents in alberta

Can you still get child support from the father even if you don't want to give him rights because he can be abusive?

You can appeal to a judge to order him to pay child support, but not see the kids because he is abusive. If you are awarded full custody, then you can do what you want. Child support, custody and visitation rights are akk different issues. A parent does not have the legal right to decide who retains custody of a child, if the non-custodial parent may have visitation rights, if child support should be awarded and what amount of support should be paid. Such issues are determined by a judge in accordance with the laws of the state where the child(ren) resides. Both biological parents are given the opportunity to present their case and submit supporting evidence pertaining to all the previously cited issues.

How can you deny joint custody to an abusive parent?

YOU cannot deny any custody or visitation. Only the court can make an enforceable decision regarding these matters. State laws vary. If physical abuse is the case, the custodial parent will need a record of the abuse and should call the police, take pictures to record the effects, and try to have dis-interested witnesses present at the time of any contact between the parents. If there is no abuse to the children, or no abuse in the presence of the children, it is unlikely to make any change in the court decision for joint custody. It may compel the court to make some order for supervised exchange of the children for visitation. Only the court can make any decision, especially regarding custody. If the non-custodial parent is abusive to the children it may be very good grounds for a sole custody arrangement. It may also encourage the court to provide for supervised visitation. Visitation is a different issue than custody. Visitation is the means for the non-custodial parent to have a relationship with the children and build that relationship. A court generally regards this as semi-sacred. A custodial parent should NOT deny visitation. If it is necessary to curtail visitation for the real safety of the children, the custodial parent should immediately file a request for a change of visitation. Otherwise, a court may frown on a parent who denies visitation. In some states, continual denial of visitation can be grounds for a change of custody.

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Can an abusive father get custody or visitation of the child?

He will not get custody, but he can get supervised visitation.

What can you do to keep your daughter from being exposed to her mentally abusive stepmother during her visitation with her bio dad?

Have a lawyer help you make visitation rules.

What show did Donna mills play the sexually abusive grandmother who was killed?

red dragon

How do you protect your children from a verbally abusive grandma?

You are in charge of your own children! You have to set the rules and talk to the grandmother about her abusive ways with your children and if she refuses to listen to you then you need to protect your children by taking them out of that environment and telling the grandmother she can come visit on your terms and if she doesn't agree to that then she can't see her grandchildren at all. Please take into consideration (depending on the age of grandmother) if she is elderly that medications can change a person's personality or Alzheimer's or it's partner Dementia can be setting in. In this case you will have to try a different way to take the children out of this destructive environment, yet be there when the grandmother comes to visit them to protect your children against her verbal abuse. If matters get worse and the children are very young you will have to make the difficult choice of keeping the grandmother away from them.

Was Hayley Williams abused by her dad?

Hayley's ex-stepfather was verbally abusive. Her biological father is not abusive. I really hope this isn't true! if i is, poor hayley :(

What is Lil Wayne's biological father?

Most probably a human... although that could be debated.

i want to know of paper work to take permenant custody of my 4 grandchildren from thier mother and boyfriend my cell is 360-9361?

A grandparent can petition the court directly for an order establishing reasonable rights of visitation between the grandparent and grandchild to get full custody you would need to prove they are abusive and that the child is in eminent danger.

How can you keep your husband who is seeking a divorce from letting his emotionally and physically abusive sister from seeing your children when he has visitation?

I dont personally know but you can try and seek supervised visitation, I may sson be looking this up due to my disgusting Mother-In-Law

Does a child at age 12 have to visit a parent with visitation rights in Michigan?

If there is a court order for visitation it has to be followed until the child turns 18. If there is a legitimate reason the child does not want to visit (ie the parent is a drug user, is abusive, etc), then the custodial parent needs to go back to court and request that the visitation order be modified.

If I paying child support and having regular visitation with my child do I have to continue visitation if my child is abusive to me and others?

One thing I do know is that visitation and support are two separate issues. Whether or not you utilize your visitation rights, does not mean whether or not you pay child support. So in my opinion, no, you don't have to visit...but you still must pay support...and on another you think that maybe your influence might help your child with whatever is making him/her abusive? And maybe your lack of influence might hurt him/her? I am very pro-involvement as far as parents go. Please try to solve the problem by means other than abandonment.

Can a father who has no contact since birth pays no support and not on birth certificate he is abusive has been arrested 28 times for domestic violence and drugs get rights to visit their children?

In a situation such as this, the custodial parent should oppose visitation or, if that fails, ask for supervised visitation.

Can a custodial parent call children and text them obsessively during their visitation with their non custodial parent?

This could be considered interference and abusive, but the issue will need to be raised with the courts.

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