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After duel runner training in the arcadia movement,you will have a flashback were you are part of the enforcers.In the flashback,yusei gives you a duel runner which you can upgrade with more parts from a store in the satellite.You can also do duel runner race simulations.

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Duel and beat Yusei 10 times and you will unlock his runner and duel disk.

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Q: How do you get a duel runner in Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds wc 2010?
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On the Yugioh 5ds 2010 reverse of arcadia how do you costomise and equip parts to your duel runner?

To customize, you must first buy the parts in a Duel Runner shop. When you have acquired the desired parts, go to the menu and select the Duel Runner icon. Then select "Customize".

How do you get fast money on Yugioh 5ds world championship 2010 reverse of arcadia?

do battles/ time attack in old city at the computer in any duel runner shops

On yugioh 5ds stardust accelerator world championship 2009 where is the simulator?

in the duel runner shop or its the computer rally doesn't let you on

What is the point of all duel runner parts in yogioh stardust accelerater?

duel runners are the whole point of yugioh 5ds otherwise it would be just like the rest:)

On Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds 2010 where is the racing simulator?

A Duel Runner Simulator can be found at each Duel Runner Shop. It is represented by a laptop computer.

How do you upgrade my runner in Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds wc 2010?

To customize your Duel Runner, go to the Menu on the Story Mode. Then choose the Duel Runner icon. From their, you can choose "Customize".

Who is died in yu-gi-oh?

Atem the spirit of the Pharaoh also known as Yami died at the end of Yugioh Duel Monsters. In Yugioh 5ds all of the former main characters from Yugioh GX and Yugioh Duel Monsters are dead. (most likely by age)

What is the difference between Yugioh gx and Yugioh 5d?

Yugioh gx is about an academy with people learning how to duel and yugioh 5ds is just mongo's riding crap mc's original was the best. BOLLOCKS TO 5d

Does jack atlus in Yugioh 5ds duel Aki izayoi?

He has yet to Duel Akiza in the anime. However, he does Duel her in the manga in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Ride 007 and defeats her.

How many yu-gi-oh 5ds games are there for 2010 right now?

As of right now there is only one, which is "Yugioh 5D's World Championship 2010: Reverse of Arcadia". However, later this year a game called Yugioh 5D's Duel Transer will come out for the Wii.

Where are the tournaments in yugioh 5ds yugioh 5ds stardust accelerator?

Go to to check for updates when new tuornament on yugioh 5'ds be out.

Where is the simulator on Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds Reverse of Arcadia?

the lap top in the duel runner shop