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It really depends which game the roller skate one or the school one. But the school one is you must complete your tasks and episodes until you are voted like queen.

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Q: How do you get by the monster high game?
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What is the newest Monster High DS game?

The newest Monster High DS game, released November, 2012, is called Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze. The game can be purchased at any store Nintendo DS games are sold.

How was Monster High invented?

Garrett Sander and the illustration is by Kelly Riley

Will operetta be in the Monster High video game?


Is Monster High is it a kids game?

yes, monster high is ok for kids. me and my 11 year old friend both like it

Where is the new Monster High video game?

At Target or Walmart

What are the codes to Monster High ds game?

1313 1333

What is Monster High cheat codes?

They are codes that you can use for the game.

How can you play the monster high school game in poptropica?


What are facts about the Monster High DS game?

nothing there dumb

What is the Monster Highs Codes?

Monster high codes are..... When you buy a monster high doll in real life then it comes with a code. You enter it online and it unlocks you cool things on the game

What are all of the Monster High codes?

they are often told to you when you unlock a new achievement on the game. they can also be found on monster high dolls and products.

Is Monster High the new website cool?

Yes monster high is a new online game it is fun and well fun you will like it especially on halloween.