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Buy a matching set of clothes.

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Q: How do you get the pretty woman secret achievements in jetpack joyride?
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How do you unlock the secret achievement blinged out in jetpack joyride?

Buy any golden vehicle upgrade for 10,000 coins at the vehicle upgrades

How do you go into the secret entrance in jetpack joyride?

Buy the free ride gadget and play until you start with the teleporter and you'll be teleported in without breaking the wall.

What are the secret achievements in jetpack joy ride and how do you get them?

! You are probably referring to the dragon fruit achievement. To unlock it, you must equip the fruit jetpack and ride Mr Cuddles. Then you will unlock it. Thanks.

What are the secret achievements in Gears of War 2?

there are no secret achievements

What Are the secret achievements in Froggy jump?


How do you get the two secret achievements in Ghostbusters The Video Game for Xbox 360?

all the secret achievements are to just beat all the levels. One for each level.

Where is jetpack in GTA sa?

CJ initially obtains the jetpack for The Truth in the Black Project mission which takes place in Area 69. The Truth takes the jetpack after CJ has escaped Area 69 and flies in the jetpack to meet Truth. After the Green Goo mission, where The Truth asks CJ to obtain another secret from a government train, (the substance of the Green Goo is never explained in the game), Truth gives CJ the jetpack, which he will need to steal the Green Goo. After this mission, CJ gets to keep the jetpack which respawns near the Flying School office in Verdant Meadows.

What was Rome's engineering secret weapon?

Roman engineering did not have any secret weapons. None of the Roman engineering achievements were kept secret.

All 3 secret achievements for call of duty world at war?

If you Prestiege, that's one secret achievement.

How do you get the hidden achievement in jetpack joyride?

Don't be ashamed that you had to ask, because the secret achievement is impossible to just guess what it is. I came across it on accident when trying to get the bullseye achievement. All you need to do, is collect exactly 69 coins in one game. Do so, and the achivement's yours.

What are the secret achievements for Call of Duty 5?

look here

What are the secret achievements in Call of Duty 5?

The 2 secret achievements in Call Of Duty 5 can be unlocked by reaching prestige 1 and prestige 10 in multiplayer mode. They are called "It's All about Prestige" and "Go Get Some Sun" respectively.Both achievements are worth 0 gamerpoints.