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na na-

actually I disagree. Its Chuck Norris

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Grandmother - Unci (your mother's mother)

Kunsi (your father's mother)

Grandfather - Tunkashila

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Q: How do you say 'grandma' in the language Cheyenne?
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How do you say cinnamon in Cheyenne language?

The Cheyenne language has no specific word for cinnamon.

How do you say Cheyenne in Cheyenne language?

Shy-ann. The name Cheyenne is Tsitsista'ist pronounced Tatistaah'st

How do you say grandma in french language?


How do you say Jennifer in Cheyenne language?

'Jennifer'. It's not a name of Cheyenne origins, and was introduced to them only well after their language was established.

How do you say grandma or grandpa in Oneida language?

Dodo= grandma Pronounced- doe doe

How do you say land in cheyenne language?

Cheyenne words for "land" are ho'e and ho'estse. "My land" is na-hto'e.

How do you say soldier in Cheyenne language?

That's impossible to track down

How do you say Cheyenne in Russian?

1. Шайенн (shayenn). 2. (the Algonquian language of the Cheyenne) шайенский язык (shayénskiy yazyk).

How do you say grandma in Yoruba language?

We don't say grand mother, we say big mommy Mommy agba

What is the word 'cheyenne' in the cheyenne language?


How do you say dog in cheyenne language?

The Cheyenne word for a dog is:hótameThe Cheyenne warrior society known as Dog Men (incorrectly called Dog Soldiers by some people) were:Hotamétaneo'o

What is the Cheyenne's language?

You answered your own question ^^ The Cheyenne's have their own language called "The Cheyenne language"! No joke! I am also researching them and when I found this I laughed! Good luck!