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Q: How does Lincoln interpretation of the war humble both victorious northerners an defeated southerners?
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What word is most nearly opposite in meaning to victorious?


When the Communist were victorious over the Nationalists where did the defeated Nationalist flea?


What is another word what defeated?

won, beat, trounced, thrashed, victorious

What is a sentence with victorious?

Khan dynasty was victorious over whole Europe. But they never got to the Americas.

What was the out come of world war 2?

The Allied Powers were victorious. The Axis Powers were defeated.

When was Chile defeated by the peruvian army?

Never. Chile has never lost a war. In fact, the army's motto is "Always victorious, never defeated."

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Franklin Pierce (Democrat ) was victorious. He defeated Winfield Scott (Whig)

What does dreaming of an athlete mean?

There are too many variables to suggest any interpretation. Dreams of a victorious athlete would have a very different meaning from dreams of a defeated, exhausted or struggling athlete. Very generally, the athlete might represent the sort of effort you need to invest in your current situation.

Who was the leader at chancellorsville?

The victorious Confederates were led by Robert E. Lee, who defeated the Union army under Joe Hooker.

Who was the main general in the Battle of Vicksburg?

The victorious Union General was Ulysses S. Grant. The defeated commmander of the garrison was John C. Pemberton.

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The correct answer is Spoils System PLATO (D)

President Woodrow Wilson believed that if the victorious nations forced peace terms on the defeated nations after World War 1 .?

There would be no permanant peace