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Q: How does battery shunt works in dc power plants?
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How do you remove a tape stuck in a Sony camcorder?

TRY THIS: Open the tape door on the bottom. LEAVE IT OPEN. Power off your camcorder and remove the battery. With the battery removed, move the power switch to ON. LEAVING THE POWER ON AND THE TAPE DOOR OPEN, replace the battery. The tape should eject without damage. This works for many other models as well.

Did Matt groening work at a nuclear power plant?

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If an ammeter reads up to 1 ampere and its internal resistence is 0.81 ohms what value of shunt resistance is required to increase the range to 10 A?

Pull up a chair. An ammeter with an internal resistance of 0.81 ohms has a max current of 1 amp. We want to increase its range to 10 amps with a shunt resistance. Now focus on this. The shunt will be connected in parallel with the meter. (It's a shunt resistor, so that's what that means.) The max the meter can carry is 1 amp, so the shunt, which is in parallel with the meter, will have to carry 9 amps around the meter. That means the 1 amp through the meter will be added to the 9 amps of shunt current through the shunt resistor to give us the 10 amps of total current that was asked to be measured. Make sense? Review time. The meter carries 1 amp (it's max current) and the shunt carries 9 amps around the meter. That means the shunt has less resistance than the meter so it can carry all that extra current around the meter. How much less is the resistance? That's what will lead us to the answer to the question. We have 0.81 ohms in parallel with some smaller resistance, Rs, the value of the shunt resistor. Focus again. The shunt must carry 9 times as much current as the meter, so the shunt resistor's value must be 1/9th as much as the meter's. Make sense? Let's recap. The meter, with an internal resistance of 0.81 ohms is going to be 9 times as resistive as the resistance of the shunt. The meter will carry 1/9th as much current as the shunt, so the shunt, which carries 9 times the current of the resistor, will be able to carry that much more current because it's only 1/9th as resistive. The shunt resistance, Rs, is 1/9th the value of the internal resistance of the meter, RIm, and that makes the math easy. Rs = RIm / 9 = 0.81 ohms / 9 = 0.09 ohms The shunt will have to have a resistance value of 0.09 ohms. Let's check our work. A max of 1 amp through the meter, whose resistance is 0.81 ohms works out to 0.81 volts dropped across that meter. Em = Im x Rm = 1 amp x 0.81 ohms = 0.81 volts (voltage dropped across the meter) Our shunt will have the same identical voltage drop (it must have!) and 9 amps of current through it, right? Yes. We have the both those bits of data. Let's do the math. Rs = Es / Is = 0.81 volts / 9 amps = 0.09 ohms (the shunt's resistance is 0.90 ohms) Our work checks. And if you were wondering if the second approach could have been used as the primary means of solving the problem, the answer is, "Yes, it can." Either method will solve the problem, and the answer can be checked with the other approach.

Will PSP 3000 battery work in PSP 1000?

nope it only works the other way around

How do you Repair a big bird talking alarm Clock?

I have a Bradley Big Bird Talking Alarm clock and the clock works great. The alarm does not. I have read that the alarm works by the battery. I put a brand new battery in and turned the alarm hand to a desired hour but nothing happens. Any ideas? Regards Thad

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All you have to do is use the old steam battery to power up the elevator.

How battery charger gauge works?

it works in side the battery

Why is a car not starting but the battery works?

Double check that the battery works, then check if the engine works.

What is an example of a DC power source?

Anything that works on a Battery is a DC (Direct Current) like Cellphone, Flashlight, ipad, ipod and you laptop.

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A magneto on an ATV works like an alternator or generator on a car. It creates power, which re-charges your battery and provides power to the electronics of the ATV.

How does a computer works in case of power failure?

If there is no power, the computer simply cannot function. There are devices called Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs) that can provide power for a short time after a power outage, by using a large battery.

What are possible hardware problems that might result in a battery not charging?

1 - the battery itself no longer works properly 2 - the battery's charging circuit (this applies to portable devices with custom lithium-ion batteries) is malfunctioning 3 - the power source is not providing enough power to charge it.

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