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For all intents and purposes, Galen Marek looked to be blown up in sacrificing himself so the founding rebels of the Alliance could escape from Emperor Palpatine/ Darth Siddious.

However, The Force Unleashed 2 is coming out soon where Galen Marek is once again the main character, begging the question why he's still alive. Darth Vader insists that this Marek is noting but a clone of the original but this is thrown into doubt by General Kota who insists that Jedi can't be cloned. The mystery of who this Starkiller really is will be one of the driving forces of the game's story.

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no, he did actually die, but, Darth vadar makes clones of him, and it seems that there more power full, and 1 of them also struck out against the empire....

just go onto YouTube or something and watch "Star Wars force unleashed 2", its really cool (the trailer, and its going to release soon, probs November)

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Not that we know of... yet the Force Unleashed II is coming out in 2010 so it could be a possibility.

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Q: How does galen marek die?
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How did the guy from star wars TFU 2 come back to life?

Starkiller? He was actually a clone of the original Starkiller, who is really Galen Marek.

Does obi wan kill Darth Vader's first apprentice?

No, he does not. Darth Vader's first apprentice (Galen Marek/Starkiller) is killed by Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious.

What is starkiller from star wars first name?

Actually, Starkiller is not his real name. His real name is Galen Marek, but since Vader killed his father and trained him to know the dark side ever since Galen was only 3, Vader called him Starkiller for identity purposes only

Is Galen Marek Really Luke Skywalker?

No, he is not. In-universe it isn't possible due to the fact that Luke was raised on Tatooine with Obi-Wan Kenobi watching over him, albeit from a distance, although even he would have noticed if Luke disappeared right out from under his nose to go train as a Sith apprentice.Galen Marek's codename in the video game The Force Unleashed was Starkiller, which was supposed to be the surname of Star Wars' main character, Annikin Starkiller, in an early draft of the first film before becoming Luke Skywalker. Adding to the confusion was a comment made by Galen Marek's actor, Sam Witwer, where he stated that "[Galen Marek] is what would have happened if Luke had joined Vader." The Galen character is suppose to be a dark mirror of the Luke Skywalker character, both of them were strong with the force but one was raised without it while one was raise engulfed with the darkside.Rest assured, though, that Luke and Galen are two completely different people. Despite George Lucas' penchant for retconning canon to include improbable coincidences (such as Darth Vader building C-3PO, leaving him on the Lars Family's farm for about a decade, yet later on Owen Lars purchases the very same droid and has no recollection of the ten or so years he spent on that very farm...droids get mind-wiped regularly, but so far he hasn't shown the same happen to humans...), I think Luke and Galen being the same person would be going too far, even for him.

Why was galen able to make advances in medicine?

Galen was important because he brought many medical ideas to Rome.

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What is starkillers name?

Galen Marek

How did Galen Marek survive the Battle on the Death Star 1?

He didn't. In the force unleashed 2 it is a cloned copy of Galen Marek

What does Galen Marek's second lightsaber look like?

In the Force Unleashed II, Galen Marek's clone has two blue lightsabers.

Who is the main person on Star Wars the force unleashed?

galen marek

What is the apprentices name in Star Wars the Force Unleashed?

Galen Marek

What is the real name of starkiller in star wars the force unleashed?

Galen Marek

What is the name of the apprentice in star wars the force unleashed?

Galen Marek or Starkiller.

Is maris brood starkiller sister?

No. Starkiller's real name is Galen Marek. And they cannot be siblings anyway because Galen is a human and Maris is a Zabrak.

Is Galen Marek aka Starkiller a jedi or Sith?

He was raised a sith, but later became a jedi

Who is Galen Marek?

Darth Vader's on-again-off-again Secret Apprentice from The Force Unleashed series.

How did Galen Marek survive from the trailer of Star Wars The Force Unleashed?

he didn't, it was a clone made by Darth Vader

When did Louis Galen die?

Louis Galen died in 2007.