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FTII -- Film and Television Institute of India -- ed.

I ve been searching for the answer to the same question . From what i have been told and read , i ll list out the info that people who have taken the test told me .

1 . First of all , when we look at what FTII could be looking in their students at the entrance test , it has to be thorough knowledge on

1. The history of Indian cinema,music,literature and art .

2. The basics of photogaphy and cinematography .

3. Knowledge on recent events and developments in literature and cinema .

4. Aptitude- some questions are like writing the sound track for a particular situation,,writing a story from a picture ,drawing a different view for a given picture etc.

2 .For the interview they might look at how the candidate presents himself and his attitude and passion for the field. Some of my friends said they carried their work with them like short films and photographs and the interviewers questioned them on the work .

Here are some of the questions that were asked this year(2009) Apparently the paper pattern has finally changed. So read about technical stuff if you are applying for a technical course.

Write a short note on the following- any 4

film theory


farmers suicides in India

documentary filmmaking

trends in Indian poetry

silent cinema

globalization and culture

Write about any literary fiction you have read in an Indian Language and can it be made into a short film. elaborate

So basically your knowledge on everything related to arts and culture in India is important. the best thing to do is just read as many articles, read lots of literature. Read about important figures in the Art and Culture world in India, including famous people of the past. Plus your general knowledge about current events is what they want to see. so just read read and read some more. And of course watch loads of movies.


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Q: How does one prepare for the FTII entrance exam?
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