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About 70 km.

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Q: How far is England from France at the narrowest point?
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How far is it between England and France?

At it's narrowest, the gap between them is 22 miles.

How far apart are England and France at their closest point?

26 miles (+-)

How far away from France are you in England in miles?

21 miles at the closest point

Did super bowl 2012 make any records as far as greatest or narrowest victory?

No Narrowest victory was 1 point (1991) Largest victory was by 45 points (1990)

How far across is the English channel where people cross it?

Do you mean, at the narrowest point? It's about 20 miles.

How far is France from England?

21 miles, or 34 kilometers. This is at the shortest point across.

How far is it from London England to Paris France?

289 miles

What country is calais in?

calais is on the bordeer of France not far from dover (England)

What continent do England and France belongs?

It is in Europe. May be not. But as far as I know it's in Europe.

How many miles from England to France?

From: UK To: FranceThe distance (in miles) from England (United Kingdom (UK)) to France is 678 miles. It'll take about 11 hours 31 minutes.(If you walked ) If you took the train it would be around 2hrs 30 minutes(To Disney Land ) This is the same as asking how far from US to Canada! At its closest point, France is only 22 miles from England.

How far is it between France and the british isles?

Across the shortest distance along the english channel from England to France its about 34 km.

How far below sea level is the channel tunnel?

Since the assumption of this question is the English Channel connecting England with France, the answer to how far below sea level is the channel would be 24 miles under sea level at the deepest point of the channel.