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The height of a typical Pinewood Derby Track is about 4 feet, from the floor to the top of the track.

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Q: How high is the tippickle pinewood derby track?
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What is the difference between a pinewood derby car and a co2 dragster?

There are several differences. CO2 Dragsters (sometimes known as "Blast Cars") are longer and have thinner lighter wheels than Pinewood Derby cars. Also Pinewood Derby cars race using gravity as their only power, while C02 Dragsters use CO2 cartridges to power the car. The standard track size for a Pinewood Derby race is about 32 feet, while the track size area for a C02 Dragster is usually 80 feet or more. C02 Dragsters run on a filament string to guide them down the track, while most Pinewood Derby cars run on a center guide rail. C02 Dragsters usually can only run two cars at the same time due to the starting gates only being designed to accept two cars. Pinewood Derby cars on the average run on a four lane track (I've seen tracks as high as 12 lanes). There are very few C02 Dragster tracks that utilize an electronic finish line, while the majority of Pinewood Derby tracks use an electronic finish line. These are most of the differences between the two cars.

When was Derby High School - Kansas - created?

Derby High School - Kansas - was created in 1911.

How do you make a car made out of wood?

One of the easiest wooden cars to make is the pinewood derby car. Take a small block of pinewood (7" long x 4" wide x 1" high) and shape it to design. Place notches on the bottom for the wheel axles between 1/4" to 1/2" from either end. Place the axles, and be certain they do not protrude from the bottom of the car- Do not attach yet. Sand down the car body, and paint. Attach axles to the bottom of the car. Attach wheels to the axles. You've just made a car out of wood. Please bear in mind that there may be stipulations when attempting to create one of these vehicles for an official showing, such as a Pinewood Derby.

How much clearance is there under a pinewood derby call to the tracks?

This depends on how high your wheel is mounted on the car and what kind of track you are running on. The diameter of the wheel is 1.25 inches, so if we were to mount the wheel in the slot that is on the car, the distance to the track running surface would be about 0.6 inches. Most standard wooden tracks have a "rail" that the car straddles as it goes down the track. The rail is 0.25 inches in height from the running track. This means the clearance from the bottom of the car to the top of this rail would be 0.35 inches (roughly 11/32 of an inch). Now if you are running on a metal track, the rail is not a solid surface across the width of the rail. Only two peaks of metal represent the rail on the standard metal track. These peaks are usually about 1 5/8" apart. The height to the top of the peaks is the same as the wooden track, but the center area between the peaks is at the level of the track running surface, giving you a full 0.6 inches of clearance directly under your car. But before you start messing with the area of clearance on you car, go and check your race rules. Most Pinewood Derby rules have a minimum clearance restriction under the car of 3/8". If you don't take that into account, your car may wind up disqualified and not allowed to run in the race.

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