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well it is hard to explane but they adapt to the desert by getting yous to desert plants that die and fruit that falls

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They can slip through little cracks in rocks

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Q: How insects adapt to the deserts?
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Do deserts adapt?

Deserts do not adapt but organisms that live in the desert adapt.

Do insects live in a desert?

There are thousands of species of insects that live in deserts around the world.

Can grass adapt in the desert?

Grass does adapt and survives quite well in the deserts. There are a number of species found in deserts around the world, most being various forms of clumping grass.

What are some plant that adapt in cold deserts?

cactuse thats all i know

What adaptation do insects have?

I am not sure what you mean. Insects adapt to their environment in a variety of ways. Some adapt by their coloration-- for example, certain insects, like the walking stick, are brownish in color so they can blend in with trees and not be seen by predators. Other insects like ladybugs adapt by how they taste; because ladybugs are bitter-tasting, predators that see them often do not want to eat them. Other insects adapt to their environment with the ability to trap prey despite being small in size (like spiders trapping prey with a slender and very sticky web).

How has the desert adapted to its surroundings?

Deserts are nonliving and incapable of adapting. Instead, organisms adapt to the desert.

What adaptations are in the Arabian Desert?

Deserts do not adapt. That is something only living organisms such as plants and animals can do,

Why can insects adapt very quickly to pesticides?

inherited genes that made it resistant to the pesticide

How do eastern diamondbacks adapt in the desert?

Eastern diamondbacks have no problems with the desert as they do not live in deserts. They live in the humid areas of the southeastern United States where deserts do not exist. The western diamondback does live in the deserts of the United States, however.

Where do insects live and why?

Insects live can in steamy tropical jungles, cold places, deserts, sea, caves, or flying up in the air - just about anywhere.

What are some parasites that live in the desert?

Fleas, ticks, mites, lice and mosquitos are all found in deserts.

Why arent bryophytes found in desert?

Bryophytes are not found in deserts because they depend on water, and deserts have little to no water.Clarification:While bryophytes are not common in deserts, there are a few species that do live and survive quite well in the desert. They had been able to adapt to the dry environment.