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Q: How long it took King Kong to fall straight down from the top of a 320 m high building?
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What was the number of planes that shot King Kong down in the 1933 version?

Four planes shot King King down from the in the 1933 version of the film. King Kong was on the top of the Empire State building.

How long it took King Kong to fall straight down from the top of a 260 m high building?

Ignoring air resistance, it would have taken 7.3 seconds, approx.

How did King Kong get so big?

King Kong climbed the Empire State Building and was shot down by planes.

Can King Kong kill spinosaurs?

Yes, King Kong can since King Kong has arms and a body full of strong muscles, along with good built. King Kong can also bring down a T-rex by itself.

Why did King Kong die?

The planes that shot him down off the Empire State Building but if you want to go deeper than that you could say that "beauty killed the beast" because if he didn't follow Anne off Skull Island, he wouldn't have been captured and taken to New York, and again when he climbed the Empire State Building; he wanted to see the sunset.

Who turned down the direction of 1976 remake of King Kong?

Roman Polanski

Who turned down the directing of 1976 remake of King Kong?

Roman Polanski

Can triceratops kill King Kong?

Yes. Since triceratops has three sharp, strong horns connected to its thick frill, triceratops can take down king kong. The muscular body with a heavy weight would prevent king kong from picking it up and throwing it.

How do you summon King Kong?

Throwing a good enough frag or shooting it down with a tank is good enough to kill king kong.

Where is the event for SoulSilver?

The event is called Poke Athon and all you have to do is go to the building straight down from the National Park then go left and straight up.;~]

What happens when you fell down a skyscraper?

Logical. When you plummet from an extremely tall building, you're falling straight to your death.

What is pretrial motions?

a pretrial motion attorney is a person who lives on Skull Island, and hunts down King Kong and eats buritto's