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Starting with Duck Soup, Slipping Wives, Love 'Em and Weep, Why Girls Love Sailors, With Love and Hisses, Sugar Daddies, Sailors Beware, Now I'll Tell One, The Second 100 Years, Call of the Cuckoo, Hats Off, Do Detectives Think?, Putting Pants on Phillip and The Battle of the Century. Oliver was in 9 others in 1927 and Stan had a couple more that year.

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Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appeared together in, 40 short sound films, 32 short silent films, 23 full length feature films, and in 11 films made guest or cameo appearances for a total of 106.

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The films of Laurel and Hardy appeared in the late 1920s to the mid-1940s . ~ look to the related link below for further information .

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409 from 1914 to 1951.

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Q: How many films did Oliver Hardy make?
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