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I think he has 12 or 13 hats, and then one cap

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Q: How many hats does Ryan has in High School Musical 2?
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How many different hats did Ryan wear in High School Musical?

9 hats

How many different hats does Ryan wear in High School Musical 1 and 2?

In High School Musical 1, Ryan wore 9 hats total and in High School Musical 2 he wore a total of 13 hats and so did Kelsie. But, in High School Musical 1.5 he wears one hat that says "DUNCE"

How many different hats did Ryan wear in all the high school musical films?

Ryan Evans in total has 36 hats. Luckly I am the same as Ryan Evans in High School Musical 1, 2, 3 and I will always be. I LOVE HATS! AND EVEN I HAVE 36; JUST LIKE RYAN:

How many hats altogether does Ryan wear in hsm and hsm 2?

Ryan wears 18 different hats during hsm2 but altogether he has over 72 hats in his dressing room

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Its in honor of being free from high school and celebratory.

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Most school districts don't allow it.

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