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I love moop.

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Q: How many more episodes of Naruto Shippuden till the 4th movie Naruto will come out Temari Temari Naruto Watch Naruto shippuden movie 4 online?
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What are the relationships in Naruto Shippuden?

The relationships in naruto shippuden is my fav. naruto+hinata, sakura+sasuke,and karenai+azuma, ino+sai, shikamaru+temari, and tenten+neji and karin+saijetsou THATS ALL I THINK bye~!

Are Shippuden and Garra brothers?

No they are not. Gaara is from Suna Gakure (Village Hidden in the Sand) and Naruto is obviously from Konoha Gakure (Village Hidden in the Leaves), therefore, they cannot be brothers. Also more proof is that Naruto shows no relation to Temari and Kankurou whatsoever and that Naruto's father is the forth Hokage and Gaara's father was the Third Kazekage.

How old is garra from Naruto?

In the original series Gaara is about 12-13 years old (the same age as Naruto and the rest of the Rookie 9). He is two years younger than his older brother, Kankuro and four years younger than Temari. In Shippuden he is about 15-16 years old...

What is Naruto and his friends' age in Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto is sixteen and so is Sakura, Sasuke, Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee, Ino, Skikamaru, Choji, Hinata, Shino and Kiba. Gaara is fifteen. Kankuro is seventeen. Temari is eighteen. Kakashi is twenty-two. Tsunade is sixty. Jiraiya is fifty-six. Iruka is twenty-five.

Who is the hottest male character in naruto?

Gaara, Sasuke, and Neji are the hottest guys Sakura, Hinata, and Temari are the hottest girls I think Sasuke is the only hot one in Naruto and there are only 3 hot girls. They are Sakura, Ino, and Hinata in that order. Well, I think Gaara is pretty smexy XD. I think Sasuke, Itachi, Neji, Kakashi, and Madara are the best guys and Temari, Anko, and Hinata Shippuden are the best girls. In that order for me. ---------------------------------- Anyone who even cares really needs to get a grip. The show isn't about who is the hottest character. Appreciating the anime doesnt mean to fall in love with a hot fictional character. People who talk about who the characters like and fall in love with and who is hottest really annoy me. If you're going to sit and argue about wich fictional character is hottest then it just proves how immature you are. I'm 12and I can realize this fact, so I hope others can too. Im not harsh, I'm just realistic. Sasuke and Anko are tied for first.

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Does Temari fight in Naruto Shippuden?

Yes, Temari does fight in Naruto Shippuden.

In Naruto arena what is a good team including temari?

i would say zaku temari and naruto shippuden try that team there awesome

Will tenten become chuunin?

In Naruto Shippuden, Tenten is a Chuunin. Not a Jonin. The only new Jonin in Shippuden are Temari, Kankuro, and Neji.

What episode of Naruto does Naruto and temari first met?

in original it was ep. 15 {I think} in shippuden it was ep. 2

What episode of naruto is Shikamaru temari's escort in the hidden leaf village?

First shippuden episode

What are the relationships in Naruto Shippuden?

The relationships in naruto shippuden is my fav. naruto+hinata, sakura+sasuke,and karenai+azuma, ino+sai, shikamaru+temari, and tenten+neji and karin+saijetsou THATS ALL I THINK bye~!

What is the age difference between Temari Kankurou and Gaara?

Let me clear things up. Temari is the oldest of the three sand siblings (15-16 in Naruto, 18-19 in Shippuden), Kankuro is the middle child (14-15 in Naruto, 17-18 in Shippuden), and Gaara is the youngest of the three (12-13 in Naruto, 15-16 in Shippuden). I found this out on then searched Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro.

What is Lee's rank in Naruto Shippuden...And Neji's... and Ino's...and Temari's?

lee's is chunin (i may have spelled it wrong) neji's jonin ino's chunin and temari's im not sure sorry

Who is Temari from Naruto Shippuden?

Tara Platt voices Temari . Temari is a Sand villige Shinobi and she has a giant fan that she uses to create a huge tornado. She is the sister of Garra of the sand and Kankuro. she is also the oldest of the tree siblings.

Does Shikamaru kiss Temari in Naruto Shippuden?

That'll never happen. Honestly, since Shikamaru is so close to Naruto that if Naruto doesn't step up and confess or, at least kiss Hinata; Shikamaru will never get the courage or the cohones to bust a move on Temari. Its up to Naruto, it always is.

Who likes who in Naruto?

It seems that Sakura and Ino are the main competitors for Sasuke. Temari and I think Tenten thought Sasuke was cute too. And in the Konoha History Arc in Naruto Shippuden all the girls scream and cheer when Iruka calls on Sasuke.

Naruto shippuden.... the hottest guy is either kiba or Sai to me...girl is-sakura or temari.... open to all opions about this?

the hottest guy to me is only GAARA. girl SAKURA and TEMARI. hay don't you think GAARA need a girlfriend or something? I would say guys: sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru Girls: Temari, Ino, Sakura