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Over 20 million tourists visit the islands each year

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Q: How many people cruise in the Caribbean each year?
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How many people cruise the Caribbean each year?

Over 20 million tourists visit the islands each year

What are some popular Caribbean cruise lines?

There are many popular Caribbean cruise lines. Some of the popular Caribbean cruise lines include Crystal Cruises, Cunard Cruise Lines, Oceania, and Silversea.

Where could one get tickets for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line?

There's many ways to get tickets for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, the most common ways are from travel agency and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line official website.

How many people go on a cruise in a year?

Approximately 10 million people cruise from US ports each year!

What cruise lines offer vacation packages to the Caribbean?

There are many cruise packages going to the Caribbean. Royal Caribbean (, Carnival Cruise Lines ( and Princess Cruises ( are three of the most popular choices heading out of the US.

How many ports of call do you go to on a Caribbean cruise?


Where can one purchase a gills cruise?

There are many Cruise Lines where one can purchase a Gills Cruise, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise, Disney Cruise, WE Cruise, and Seabourn.

Where can I reserve a Caribbean cruise?

There are many different companies that offer caribbean cruises. Some that you may want to consider for reserving a cruise are Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Princess cruises. These can all be booked through travel agencies or directly with the cruise company.

What are some of the activities on the Gaither Homecoming Caribbean cruise?

The Gaither Homecoming Caribbean Cruise is a Christian cruise that travels to many different Caribbean islands. There's a large variety of musical guests on board as well as comedy shows and harmonica lessons.

What company has royal Caribbean cruise deals cruise vacation offers?

There are many companies that offer Royal Caribbean cruise deals. The first place you should check for deals would be Royal Caribbean itself, then try websites such as and

What is a cheap caribbean cruise to go on?

If you go to, you can search for cruise tickets, hotel fares, and many other cheap tourist attractions in the Caribbean. Many cruises are available for reasonable prices.

What caribbena cruise line has the most to do?

The Royal Caribbean cruise line offers the most activities and sights to see of all Caribbean cruise liners. It is possibly one of the most well-known cruise lines, and offers many on-board activities for both children and adults. It also makes numerous stops for people to take in the sights.