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there were 219 malls in 2008

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Q: How many shopping malls in India?
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In 1999 India did not have shopping malls. It now has more than 100 malls. Which explains this rapid developement?

People have more money to shop therefore malls were built to accommodate shoppers.

How many shopping malls are there in Ontario CA?

There are dozens of shopping malls in Ontario, Canada. Among these malls are Ontario Gateway Center, Ontario Marketplace, Archibald Ranch Town Center, Mall For All, Airport Gateway Plaza, Dollar Mall and many more.

Essay in advantages and disadvantages on shopping malls?

An advantage of a shopping mall is that you can go to more than one store without a lot of driving. A disadvantage to a shopping mall is that there are a lot of people.

What country have the most number of shopping malls?

The US.

What is the disadvantage of the mall culture in India?

Malls have changed the entire concept of shopping in India. Earlier Indian consumers had to do their shopping in their local small / medium stores near by their homes. For specialty products they had to travel further in town. There was no parking place for their cars. For different products, they had to travel in different stores in different locations. Stores were unorganized and the consumers had to tolerate the nagging pressure from the sales persons all the times. Malls have made the shopper's life more pleasant and hassle free. There is always ample of parking space in the Malls. The ambience is excellent. All major products are available in the Malls. Apart from Shopping, Food and Entertainment is also available in the Malls. The consumers have the freedom to visit any stores of their liking without the fear of having to face the nagging pressure of the sales persons. Shopping has therefore become a pleasure to the Indian consumers. With all the best amenities under one roof, the Indian consumers, who till now had never ever experienced such great pleasure of shopping, are today patronizing the Malls. Unorganized retailing is gradually diminishing as Malls are taking over the businesses.