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It depend on what species the bird is and how old the chick is.

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According to other sources it's every 15 minutes ; please see related links below (I'm just trying to be helpful.)

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Q: How many times a day do you feed a baby bird?
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When do you feed a baby robin?

i saved many baby birds from death. the robin is an insectivore. you can get mealy worms and crickets from your local pet store. crush them up and use a small baster to suck them up and squirt them into the young birds mouth. If the bird hasn't eaten in a while mix some gator aid with it. you must feed it every hour when its not sleeping.

What can you feed a hungry robin?

i found a baby Robbin and its wings were hurt badly so i found it a cage and a nest and put it in the cage. Make sure to cover out side the cage with thin curtain so that the robbin will feel safe. This goes for all birds. I dug some worms and as soon as it opened its mouth i put it in. DO NOT FORCE IT DOWN. Now in a couple of weeks i am going to free it!! It is looking healthy now. Just a note..You do not have to leave your baby robin outside..They can eat wet dog food or worms or even scrambled eggs. I gave mine some wet cherrios because it's whole grain and he needed a drink. Often parent robins will have a worm, some greens and other stuff to feed the babies.. They need fiber too..and high protein.. I read an article that allowed the baby outside play times..monitored of flew away and would not come back..this is the desired outcome..Just pick a safe release/play area. It is important to allow baby to take and swallow the offering on his/her own.

Does Big Bird have a favorite toy?

As many of you know Big Bird is a boy. WRONG! Big Bird is a girl and HER favirote toy is the 500x Vaccum Cleaner.

What color is Big Bird?

It seems like many beaks are yellow, but that's because they get your attention faster. If you look at songbirds, very few of them will have yellow beaks. The yellow color in bird beaks is caused by pigments called carotenoids. Carotenoids are chemicals that have nutritive properties and that exist in the pigment that colors plants and animals. As fat-soluble materials, carotenoids are ingested in countless colorful fruits and vegetables. They are important as antioxidants and for their capacity to get converted to essential vitamins. A pale yellow beak indicates that the bird is not in breeding color, that there may be a dietary deficiency such as with Vitamin E, or if it is a female bird, such as the chicken or duck, it will indicate that the bird is laying eggs and all this color is going to the yolk which will feed the baby bird within the egg.

Can you feed a donkey carrots?

Yes. Use caution with treats, however. Don't feed a donkey too many treats or else he will get greedy.

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How many times a day do you feed a baby black bird?

It needs feeding about every 20-15 mins.

How many times do you have to feed baby budgies per day?


How many times to you have to feed a baby in a day?

1 time a day not too much they have such a small body

How many times can you feed birds to your ferret?

Depends on numerous factors - the size of the ferret, the kind of bird your are feeding your ferret, etc

2 day old marmoset how many times a day do you feed the baby?

You should feed it every 2 hours on powdered baby milk. After about 3 weeks add a bit of rusk to the mix to give it something more solid.

How many times you should give food to your baby and in what quantity?

Well, when you baby is crying and it does not have a stinky diper that means to feed it, also when your baby wont eat anymore then he/she is done. I hope that answered your question!

How long does 5lbs of bird food last for one bird?

Depends on how many birds there are to feed and how hungry they are.

What do mammals feed their baby's?

It is one of their many adaptions to live.

Can you feed soft rice and chicken broth soup to your 15 months baby daily?

no!!! you can't feed it to a 15 month old baby daily! so, how many days can I feed for a week ?

How many times do you feed a 5 week old wild bird?

ok what you do is if its in a nest leave a pot of maggets near the nest and leave it for the mummy bird to take the maggets and feeds the birds or you could put the maggets or worms around the nest

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How many hours a day do elephants feed?

All 24 baby!