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how much will it cost me to go to college

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Q: How much will it cost to go to college to get an secondary or postsecondary degree?
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How much does Everest college cost?

For in state students, tuition will typically cost approximately $14,904 annually at Everest College. For out of state students, tuition will typically cost $1,536 more.

Do you need an associate's degree to get a bachelor's degree?

No you do not need an associates to get a bachelor's degree. An Associate's degree usually takes less hours to complete (about 2 years) than a Bachelor's degree (about 4 years). Many people actually get an Associates degree prior to The Bachelor's as they can take "standard" classes such as English, Math, Foreign language, etc. at a community college where those credits will transfer to a larger University. They can then transfer and only take two years at the major university to complete the Bachelor's. This way they can effect cost savings (Community colleges are much cheaper than the larger schools). Make certain the credits from the community college are transferable to your university of choice before embarking on your Associates. University policies vary greatly on transference of credit. You can get this information by writing or calling Admissions at the university you are targeting for your Bachelors.I went to a four year college and have my bachelor. On the other hand my sister has an associate degree from a two year college and she is working on her bachelors degree from a four year college. So I have just one diploma whereas she will have two. But we will be equally knowledgeable.

What was the cost of college tuition in 1958?


How much does it cost for residence at Algonquin College?

Go to the website instead of asking it here. It's called research. You have to know the college.

Is bethune cookman a great college?

Yes! It is an excellent school considering the size and cost.

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How much does a degree in business cost in Indiana?

The fee for a degree depends on what kind of degree you are after and with which college, and what discounts apply for you in particular.

Where can I get a degree in Social Services?

To get a degree in social services you can attend a local community college, an online college, public university or private university. The cost of obtaining the degree will depend on the school you select.

How much should it cost to get an associate degree online?

The cost of acquiring an associate degree online differs from college to college. The best way to know the cost is to request information from several colleges that offer online associates degree. Some of them also offer tuition assistance and financial aid programs.

How much does college cost at Apollo College?

Depends .. diploma programs: 12 grand degree programs: 30+ grand

In choosing a postsecondary institution a person should consider?


How much does it cost to got to college for your master's and bachelor degree?

Depends on the cost of the units at the college. Each college charges differently for the units. I would suggest you go for a BS/BA first and then worry about a MA/MS.

What is the least expensive college in the US?

The College of Hard Knocks. Doesn't cost a thing, but getting your degree sure hurts like hell.

How much does it cost to get a lawyer degree?

It takes about 8 years of post secondary school to become a lawyer. If it costs about $35,000 per year of school, the cost would be about $280,000 in school cost alone.

How much does it cost to go to college to become an ncis agent?

It costs the same for college then any other degree because all you need academic wise to join NCIS is to have an accredited baccalaureate degree.

Whats the cost of college tuition?

for utep idont know but for westwood its 400.00 a month or a bachelors degree!!!

How much does it cost to obtain body shop degree?

Best advise you will ever hear: Go to college!

What is the average cost for an online college degree?

Ones of dollars compared to the thousands or hundreds of thou, if you get caught.

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