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Q: How new product channel affect marketing channel?
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How will marketing affect a new product?

the way the worker may talks to the customer may affect the chance of the product being bought

What are new channels in marketing?

Electronic market is the new channel of marketing.

What are e-commerce strategies?

Some strategies are: Expand your product line. Acquire new customers. Target new markets. Sell more to existing customers. Utilize cross-channel marketing.

What is informing the public of a new product that can be bought?


What is product adaptation?

Product adaptation is a kind of marketing strategy wherein a company develop new products. The new product is based on modification of existing items.

What is Marketing mix for existing product in new market?

the pricing

What is the purpose of marketing communication?

Marketing communication increase your product visibility over internet. It always helps to promote new site.

What is the primary function of marketing research?

Marketing research is around to reduce the risk of developing a new product or distributing that product. It can give specific information about a target audience.

What are the old and new concepts of marketing?

the old concept of marketing is the things about the human which is only purchase and sales the goods .but new concept of marketing is there is maney things there is profit,product,sales,goal etc

How can you sale your new product?

Try creating a new marketing plan, or utilizing websites like ebay.

What is the role of advertisement in marketing management?

the role of advertisement in marketing management is that it creates awareness, creates new desires, and promotes the product.

What does a marketing production specialist do?

Marketing specialists are hired to improve the sales of a company's product or service by increasing customers' awareness of it. Sometimes this involves re-marketing an existing product and finding a new way to present it to the public. It can also mean deciding how to position a new product that consumers have been asking for and making sure that they are aware of its availability.