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Q: How old is mia in power rangers samurai?
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How old is the power rangers samurai?


How old jayden from power rangers samurai?

jayden 18 mia 18 kevin 18 mike 18 emily 16

How old is antonio in power rangers samurai?


How old is Alex Heartman power rangers samurai?


How old is mike on power rangers samurai?

he is probably 22

Is power rangers samurai real?

Noneof the power rangers are real. Its a tv show olnly a 4 year old belives they are real

How old is erika fong from power ranger samurai?

i think she is about 20 years old Maybe she was born between 1986/1987. She starts play Mia in Samurai when she was 24.

How old is Erika Fong?

Erika Fong (actress from Power Rangers Samurai) is 27 years old (born 1987).

Who will be in Season 18 of power rangers?

Season 18 of Power Rangers is Power Rangers Samurai and it will feature characters such as Antonio as the Gold Ranger, Mike as the Green Ranger, Mia as the Pink Ranger, Kevin as the Blue Ranger, Emily as the Yellow Ranger, Jayden as the male Red Ranger and Lauren as the female Red Ranger additionally it will feature Bulk, a previous character as well as Spike, a new character that is the son of Skull, one of Bulk's old friends.

When is power rangers samurai's alex heartman birthday?

Sorry but I can only find July 31,1980 which is impossible because he'd be old by now do sorry

How old is Alex Heartman?

US actor Alex Heartman is 27 years old (birthdate: February 26, 1990).

How old was Blake Foster when he was in Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers In Space?

he was 12years old in turbo and 13 in in space