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Not really that rare... in Pokemon Diamond you can find Sunkerns on Route 204

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Q: How rare is it to find a sunkern in Pokemon Diamond?
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What Pokemon evolves from a sun stone in Pokemon Diamond?

sunkern,gloom,but sunkern is only found in Pokemon emerald in the safari zone when you find the battle frontier. gloom are rare to find but found in two island,three island,six island and routes 12,13,14 and15. but there hard to find so be patient looking for them.

Where to find rare Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

snow point temple. two rare Pokemon

How do you find rare Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

Look for them in the grass

Where do you find a electrizer on Pokemon diamond?

buy it at the rare Pokemon store

What town in Pokemon Diamond has shiny Pokemon?

shiny Pokemon are rare you can find them almost any were but they are super rare

How do you get a Castform in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find the Pokemon Castform in the Trophy Garden in Pokemon Diamond, although it is a pretty rare chance.

Tell me where you can find skorpi in Pokemon diamond?

Its a rare Pokemon in the Great Marsh.

How do you find rare Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

Speak to Dawn's/Lucas' little sister, she will tell you about 15 different rare pokemon.

Were do you get rare candies on Pokemon diamond?

You find Rare Candy's in Poke Balls through your adventure.

How do you find all rare Pokemon?

If you have a action replay, you can use it. Or if you have Pokemon pearl,you can find Palkia,if you have diamond find Dialga

Is sunkern rare in diamond?

I'd say kind of, yes. You need to beat the Elite Four to get a Poke Radar. The Poke Radar is needed to catch Sunkern on Route 204.

Where do you find dragonair in Pokemon Diamond?

You catch it in mt cornetbut its quite rare