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Q: How tall is birdmans brother slim Williams?
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How tall is Birdman's brother Slim?

No, souja slim from no limit is dead. Ronald "slim" Williams is alive. he made an appearance in lil waynes video fireman. And he accompanied lil Wayne to court in October of 2009.

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Slim DeGrey is 6' 2".

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Slim Whitaker is 6' 3".

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Slim Khezri is 181 cm.

How tall is Slim Summerville?

Slim Summerville is 6' 2 1/2".

What is lankey?

someone who is tall and slim

How tall is Fatboy Slim?


How tall robbie Williams?

Robbie Williams is 6.0 foot tall...................:)

How tall is Bernie Williams?

Bernie Williams is 6' 2".

What does long and lean mean?

Tall and slim

How tall is Chandler Williams?

Chandler Williams is 6'.

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Charlita Williams is 5'.