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5'9½" is wrong, he is 6ft tall

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Q: How tall is pauly d from Jersey Shore?
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How is pauly d from Jersey Shore?

5'9½" is wrong, he is 6ft tall

Does pauly d from Jersey Shore smoke weed?

yes pauly d does smoke.

How do you contact pauly d from the show Jersey Shore?

You can contact Pauly D via Twitter @DJPaulyD

What state is pauly d of Jersey Shore from?

Rhode Island

What jersey shore member has a piercing on their penis?

Pauly d

Is pauly d the oldest one from Jersey Shore?


Does pauly d of Jersey Shore have siblings?

No, he is an only child.

What color hair does pauly d have?

Bronwish, blackish sort of ... i love pauly d .. :) he rocks and jwoww from jersey shore

Is Angelina from Jersey Shore dating pauly d?

no they r not dating

When is the Jersey Shore birthday?

pauly d's is July 5th 1980

Who is the oldest on the Jersey Shore cast?

Paul "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio is 28 years old and the oldest of the cast

How old is pauly D off of Jersey Shore?

Pauly D is 32 years old (birthday: July 5, 1980)