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To trade Pokémon with a friend without Wi-Fi you simply need to be in the same room and on each otherâ??s friendliest via sharing friendcodes. This is achievable on any Pokémon game on the DS (Diamond and Pearl onwards). If you and your friend are far away the only option is Wi-Fi.

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go downstairs in any Pokemon center and talk to the chicka at the counter and you can ask her for your friend code. you need to be online for this to happen though.

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Q: How to trade Pokemon with a friend without wifi?
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Where do you get gligar in Pokemon pear without a GBA game in your ds?

GTS works if you want to trade for him and you have wifi. Otherwise, you either have to have the GBA game or a friend to trade with who has the pokemon.

How do you get Ho-ho in Pokemon diamoind without migratoin?

trade from Pokemon platinum via wifi, you'll need the persons friend code though

Where to find Zekrom in Pokemon black?

you have to trade over wifi or have a friend with Pokemon white and trade. you can only catch it in Pokemon white

How do you trade Pokemon without WiFi on DS?

you trade with your friends and your friends must be in front of you

Where do you get manaphy on Pokemon platinum?

You must trade it with a friend, with WIFI-connection in Jublife city(trade building) or transfer it from Pokemon ranger.

Can you trade Pokemon with people on Pokemon soulsilver without friend codes like you could on diamond and pearl?

Yes using the Wireless connection for the DS or Nintendo wifi connection.

What do you do with WiFi on Pokemon Diamond?

You can trade, battle, and have voice chats with your friends over Wifi in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, but to do so you need to know your friends' Friend Codes, and your friends need to know your Friend Code.

Where do you catch swampret in Pokemon pearl?

migrate it from emerald, ruby, or sapphire, or you can find a friend to trade to get one, or go to the wifi, and trade there

Can you trade Pokemon without a trading cable?

If you're using a DS, you can do Wireless Trade Local or WiFi. But if you're using a Gameboy, you can't trade without a trade cable.

Can someone trade me via wi-fi Pokemon diamond?

The only way to trade on wifi is at bottom of Pokemon center u need friend code otherwise use GTS

Is there a way to trade in Pokemon platinum without wifi?

yes if u have a Pokemon pearl or diamond trade the Pokemon from the palpark then get another ds put pearl or diamond in then the platinum in the other ds and trade at the Pokemon center at the top

Can you play with random people on Pokemon diamond wifi?

No, you need their friend code. UNLESS, you are in the Battle Tower doing a Wifi tournament. That's the only way without friend codes.