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Get a lawyer. You have a couple of ways to assert your parental rights.

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Q: If you are on the birth certificate have raised the child for 10 years then find out you are not the biological father what are your parental rights?
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Who is jace wayland's father?

Jace was raised by Valentine but his biological father was Stephan Heorondale

Does a 4-year-old child's biological father have any rights if he is not on her birth certificate or any document and has never seen her?

No, the father, if not on birth certificate does not have any rights what so ever, unless he takes you to court for a DNA test, and proves he is the father then he does not have any rights. If the space on the birth certificate is left blank then what you could do if there is another man willing to take over the right to be the father, you can go back and name the father on the birth certificate, and he will be named the father, and will hold all responsibilies! Yes. The biologial father has all his parental rights until he is deprived of those right by judicial or legal process. The above answer confuses EXERCISING parental right and HAVING them. Of course, the question is not specific enough to make the answer accurate in all situations. For example, if the the biological father impregnated the woman while she was married to another man, and her husband raised the child (knowingly or unknowingly) as his own for the period of time set by state law, a legal presumption would arise that the husband is the father that could not be challenged by any person (even with biological proof that someone else is the father). Thus, under those facts the biological father would have no rights.

Could an adopted child's birth certificate or passport be changed of his father's name in Muslim laws?

By Islamic law you can not be adopted, just raised by another family staying on contact with the biological one. I suggest you ask an Imam about this or if the biological family agrees to it.

What are the names of Tia maria torres parents?

She was raised by her stepmother after her biological father abandoned them.

What ethnicity is Nicole Ritchie?

Her biological father is African American and her biological mother is white. She was adopted and raised by Lionel Ritchie and his wife, both African American. Her biological father was a member of Lionel Ritchie's band and/or crew.

How can you check your degree certificate is original or not?

You can check your degree certificate to see if it is original or not by looking for a raised seal on the certificate. Usually an original will have such a raised seal, a copy will not.

Who is bahja Rodriguez father?

Her biological father is Jonathen Rasboro of the R&B group, Silk. HOWEVER, she was raised by Victor Rodriguez, her step-father and the father of her younger sister, Lourdes. He raised her since she was very young & she considers him her father. This is why she has the last name Rodriguez... She is not Puerto Rican like her step-father, although she sometimes claims to be.

Why does is say African-American instead of Negro on Barack Obama's birth certificate?

Actually, the birth certificate says "African" -- and it refers to his father, who is in fact from Africa (born and raised in Kenya). The confusion is that the president has the same name as his biological father. The "African" refers to his dad, Barack Senior. The term "African-American" was not in common use in 1961, so it would not have appeared on a birth certificate. President Obama was biracial (mother was white and from the United States, father was black and from Africa). But his birth certification does not classify him-- it classifies the races of his parents.

Who is the father of son Goku?

This is a common question due to the Japanese translation. American Goku is known as Son Goku. Bardock - Biological Father Grandpa Gohan - Person who raised Goku

Who raised Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa was raised by her mother and father along with a brother and sister. When her father died her mother raised her.

How should you react when you find out that your dad didn't father you?

Do you mean the man you thought was your dad is not your BIOLOGICAL father? Is this a man who raised you, loved you, and supported you? You owe that man respect. Of course it is a shock, but don't confuse a father with the person who got your mother pregnant.

Who raised Michelangelo?

His father.

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