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It is not required for either parent, however it is best to obtain it from the other parent, or have it addressed by the court, to prevent a last minute injunction being filed.

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Q: If you have sole custody in Mi do you need permission for an out of state vacation?
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If you have sole custody does your ex or his family need your permission to take your child out of state?

Yes. They need your permission. As the parent with full custody you have the right to make decisions that affect the child including trips out of the jurisdiction. You should also know where the child will be, how long she will be away and how to contact the people she will be with.

Can a police officer search a 14 year old child without permission or consent from a parent for trespassing?

Yes, it can be for their own safety as well as other reasons. A person in custody, minor or adult, must be searched before they are booked. Seeing an officer does not need permission from a parent to arrest their child, a search without the parent's permission would coincide.

What permission are required to make the toothpaste?

To make toothpaste for yourself, none. To make it for sale, you will need a business license and be able to meet the standards set by the country or state in question for health and safety.

Can a mother have her child live with a relative without the father's consent?

There are factors such as marital status, custody or existing court orders to think about. There is also a difference between lack of consent and contesting. If the father does not want their child there, it can make a difference. As a somewhat general rule, the mother can let the child live where she chooses during her custody time. However, she would still need to comply with anything set by the court. If the father has visitation, this would still need to be complied with. Custody can also vary a great deal from state to state. Your best bet is to contact someone in your area that is involved with family law. They can give you information that is specific to your situation. The smallest detail, one that you would never think mattered, could completely change the entire situation.

Does the noncustodial parent have to notify the custodial parent if they go on vacation with the children out of state and have the children miss school days?

The non-custodial parent must notify the custodial parent of their intentions and the destination of their vacation. The custodial parent has the right to know where the child will be. Also, it is unlikely the visitation order provides that the non-custodial parent can keep the child out of school for a vacation. They would have no automatic right to do so. They would need the consent and cooperation of the custodial parent.

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Do you need written permission to take your child out of state if you have full custody?

No you do not need written permission if you have full custody of the child

If a parent has full legal custody can the parent take the child out of the country for vacation without the father's permission?

no you need permission from the father also too

Can my mom move me out of state without permission at age 15?

If your father have visitation right or share custody she will need his permission.

What is KY state law about noncustodial parent taking the child to another state when you have joint custody?

Just on vacation should be fine but he would need your permission if the court order can not be fulfilled or if he moves with the child.

If you have sole custody do you need permission to take the child out of state?

In the state of Michigan the answer is yes. You need permission from the court to move outside a 100 mile radius of their current address.

I was never married to my kids father In Louisiana do I need permission to take my kids out of state?

im assuming that there wasnt ever any custody case so no you dont need any permission. but if you or him have gone to court for any type of custody then you will need permission

If you have physical and joint legal custody can you take the child out of state for a vacation without permission from the other parent?

I would be necessary to give the other parent notice of the pending vacation plans. Whether or not you would need permission from that parent to take an out of state trip depends upon the terms of the custodial order and the laws of the state in which the order was issued.

Do you need permission from your daughters father who you were never married too to take your daughter on vacation to another state?

Yes, in some states you do need permission from your daughters father who you were never married to, to take your daughter on vacation to another state.

Joint custody and need to go to Mexico?

Get permission.

Can a mother move to another state with baby?

Not if there is a visitation or custody order. She will need the other parent and the courts permission.

Can your ex keep you from moving out of state if you have primary custody?

He can object if he has parental rights and you will need the court's permission. It will go easier if he consents. The custody and visitation orders would need to be modified.

If one parent gives permission to take a child 14 year old out of state is this legal?

If both parents have custody, you need the permission of both parents.

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