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Q: In the 1800s to increase their exports and decrease their imports what did the Chinese demanded the Europeans pay them in?
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What was the Chinese view of Europeans and how did interactions with Europeans impact Chinese society?

the portuguese

When did Chinese miners attack in lambing flat riots?

They didn't the Europeans attacked the Chinese The Chinese were rallied and attacked by the Europeans in 1861.

What did the Chinese think the Europeans were?

The Chinese thought that the Europeans were barbarians who were worst than the Manchurians and the Mongolians who were also barbarians in the eyes of the Chinese. Europeans had to bow down to the Chinese when they wanted to trade with the Chinese. The Chinese however did not abuse their power on the Europeans because the Chinese saw themselves as the "Middle Kingdom" and believed that all other nations and people in the world will eventually adopt the Chinese ways. The Chinese don't shove their culture down other people's throats. I would say that the Chinese thinking was arrogance and vanity at its best.Source: Prelude to Opium War Qing DynastyThe Chinese thought that the Europeans were barbarians

Which major Chinese goods did Europeans seek?

Europeans and Americans both wanted Chinese silk. They also craved their expensive tea.

When did the Europeans invent gunpowder?

they, didn't the Chinese did.

Why were the Chinese uninterested in trading with the europeans?

lead war?

What was only thing the Chinese wanted from the Europeans?


Why were the Chinese uninterested trading with Europeans?

lead war?

The Chinese wanted only from the Europeans?


Why were Chinese uninterested in trading with Europeans?

lead war?

Which Chinese inventor invented the compass?

No one knows. All we know is that the Chinese and Europeans helped to make the Chinese compass.

The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 were led by Chinese students who?

Answer this question… demanded that the government institute democratic reforms.