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Second season episode 54 also called "That Horizon"

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Q: In what episode did kaito forget luchia?
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Which episode of mermaid melody does kaito have luchia in a blanket held against the wall and then luchia says kaito your weird and then kaito kisses her?

Episode 6Episode 6

What episode of Mermaid Melody Pure does Kaito forget Lucia?

In Mermaid Melody Pure episode 14 & 28 Kaito finally remembers some parts of Luchia then on episode 32 he remembers every thing

What episode does luchia tell kaito?

On exactly episode 52 he figures out Luchia's identity, that she was the mermaid that saved him.

What episode kaito know that luchia is the mermaid?

On episode 52 on the first season.

In what episode of mermaid melody pitchy pitchy voice does kaito kisses luchia?

Kaito and the mermaid Luchia share a kiss in the episode called An Icy Kiss. This was the fifth episode in the first season of Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.

What episode in Mermaid Melody do they kiss?

Luchia and Kaito kiss in episode 6 of the first season.

What episode pitchi pitchi pitch pure does kaito remember luchia?

I think it is in episode 30...

What episode does Luchia kiss someone in Mermaid Melody?

Theres a boy named Kaito whom Luchia saved for the second time in her life. They both fall in love, its shown in certain episodes that they love each other. Luchia and Kaito first kiss on episode 6.

Does Kaito love Michal in Mermaid Melody or Luchia?

kaito loves luchia but michal was so stupid things to get kaito to heerself finaly she gone and kaito and luchia back together

What episode of mermaid melody does kaito hurt his hand saving luchia?

That would be on season 1 episode 11.

Will Nanami Luchia be married with Domoto Kaito?

There was just an extra chapter about Kaito and Luchia's wedding.Nothing special.

Does kaito break up with luchia?

yes in the manga and in the anime the end up together