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The Black Rock Desert is located in Nevada and is a part of the Great Basin Desert.

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Q: In what state is the Black Rock Desert located?
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In what state is Black Rock in?

Black Rock State Park is located Watertown, Connecticut.

What about black rock in the desert?

The black rock, in most cases, is basalt, a volcanic lava that was left in the desert by ancient eruptions in these desert area.

Where is black rock desert located?

no it is simply just a dried up lake-bed and alkali.

Where is Geiser Black Rock Desert?

Fly Geyser is located on private property in Hualapai Valley, just off State Route 34. No trespassing signs have been posted. The Friends of Black Rock offers limited tours of the geyser a few times a year. See

Are there animals in the black rock desert?


When is the Burning Man festival held?

The answer to this question is - It appears to be held every year in August. Typically toward the end of the month going into September. It's also held in the Black Rock Desert.

When was Black Rock State Park created?

Black Rock State Park was created in 1926.

Where was the land speed record?

Black Rock Desert USA

When was Black Rock Mountain State Park created?

Black Rock Mountain State Park was created in 1952.

Where is the land speed record located?

The current unlimited land speed record of 763 mph set by Thrust SSC was set in the Black Rock Desert, USA.

What city is the Black Rock Desert near?

It is near the city of Reno, Nevada.

How far is the Black Rock Desert in Nevada?

What is your point of origin? Your question is not complete.