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And Maggie Makes Three | S06E13

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Q: In which Simpsons episode is Maggie born?
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Was Maggie Simpson in the first Simpsons episode?

Yes.Yes, she was just learning to walk.

What was the name of the Simpsons episode where Homer got a job at a bowling alley?

Answer to Simpsons QuestionAnd Maggie Makes Three season 6 on DVD

Which episode of The Simpsons opens up in the mall and they do what Maggie wants?

S19|E19 Mona Leaves-a

How much does Maggie scan during The Simpsons intro?

From Season 20 Episode 10 to Present, prior to Maggie being scanned the register reads $243.26.After she's scanned, it doubles to $486.52therefore, logically Maggie costs $243.26.In a one shot gag, in the The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular it reads NRA4EVA.

In which Simpsons episode does Marge pretend to breastfeed Maggie?

The Day the Earth Stood Cool (Season 24)

What episode and season in the simpsons does Maggie dance to a Britney Spears song?

i am not sure but it is the ep where they go to a ranch

What is Maggie's sister's name on The Simpsons?


What is The Simpsons' baby called?

The baby on the Simpsons is Maggie Simpson.

What season of the simpsons is the one with the episode when Maggie speaks?

the credits in da movie. ive never seen her speek other den dat

Where can you buy the simpsons episode natural born kissers for ipod?

Itunes if they have it.

What is thename of the baby on The Simpsons?

Maggie Simpson

What is the baby's name on The Simpsons?

Maggie Simpson