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Alexander's character 'Eric Northman' is in all ten of the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and Alexander himself has never mentioned leaving the show, so no!

The show often doesn't follow the books, though. So if his contract is up and he wants out, they better offer a hell of a lot of money! Most of the female audience only watches for him, Alcide, and then Bill.

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Q: Is Alexander skarsgard leaving True Blood?
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Who played in True Blood?

Alexander Skarsgard

What is the name of the actor who plays Eric in True Blood?

Alexander Skarsgard.

How much is alexander skarsgard get paid per True Blood episode?

100,000 apparently

Is the man on lady gagas paparazzi video in True Blood?

Yes, Alexander Skarsgard was in Lady Gaga's video for Paparazzi and he plays Eric Northman on True Blood

Who plays Eric in True Blood?


When does True Blood season 2 show on c4?

With a recent interview with Alexander Skarsgard in the Daily Telegraph there was a footnote saying that Season 2 of True Blood starts airing on September 16th 2010.

How much do actors get on True Blood?

Anna Paquin- 50,00 per Ep Alexander Skarsgard- 70,00 per Ep That is all that was leaked in OK! Magazine.

Is Eric from True Blood married?

His character on the HBO series is not, in real life Alexander Skarsgard is not married either. In the 9th books of the Sookie Stackhouse series (which is what True Blood is based on) he does get "married" but I won't spoil the "who" part.

How much does the cast of True Blood make?

Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Alexander Skarsgard all make $200K per episode.

What is the name of the guy Lady Gaga killed at the end of Paparazzi?

His name is Alexander Skarsgard. He is a Swedish actor who is best known for his role as Eric Northman on the HBO show True Blood.

What is Eric on True Bloods full name?

Eric's name is Eric Northman. The actor's name is Alexander Skarsgard.

Is roda Monroe dating Alexander skarsgard or his twin?

Alexander Skarsgard is dating Roda Monroe?" I'm not sure who these people are. But they are on the net. Both appear not to have a personal life. In doing some research I found that Roda Monroe is a flaming sex-maniac (according to her songs) and I couldn't find anything on Alexander Skarsgard's personal life just movies and interviews of the movies." MY ANSWER TO THIS ANSWER IS>>> If you don't know who Alexander Skarsgard is, how can you possibly say yes to this question. There is Tons and Tons of stuff on Alexander Skarsgard. The latest rumors have him dating Kate Bosworth who is is co-star in "Straw Dogs" There has been no official confirmation on this rumor, but there are photos of them together after the Scream awards, which he won "Best Villain for "Eric Northman" in "True Blood" I do not see that he has even met Roda Monroe, but I can safely say that if there was any truth to it at all, the dozens of Alexander fan sites would have picked it up by now.