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The University of Michigan is a public university.

For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

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University of Washington is a private or public university. I don't know

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Q: Is Harvard university a private or public university?
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Is Harvard a public university or private university?


Is the University of Harvard public or private?


Is Harvard a public or private school?

Harvard is a private school.

Is UCSC private?

It is not a private college because it is a University of California, which mean it's public. Private schools are USC, Stanford, Harvard and much more

Is Harvard a State University?

no its a private college

Is University of Phoenix is public or private?


Purdue is public or private university?

Purdue is a public, Tier 3 university.

What school did john albert burr attend?

A private university in Maryland

Is Syracuse University private or public?

The school is a private university.

Is villanova university a public or private college?

It is a private university.

What type of school is Harvard University?

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in the world, offering a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of study.

What is the 2nd and 3rd largest private university in the US?

As of 2013, the second largest private university in the U.S. is Harvard University followed by the third largest which is Columbia University.