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Yes, Lex Luthor returned in the last episode of Smallville which is titled "Finale."

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Q: Is Lex coming back after the seven season or any season?
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Are Chloe Tess and Lex coming back to Smallville?

However old this question is, it is now Season 10, in 2010-2011. Chloe has never really been gone longer than two episodes, so yes she is still here in all 10 seasons. Tess is still there, too. Lex may be coming back! I mean he is the main villian! I think that since black kryptonite split the good and bad Lex, and the bad Lex disappeared, and Oliver killed Lex, I think that the good Lex was killed, but the bad Lex lives and will come back.

Is Lex coming back to Smallville?

Yes- he will appear in the two-part series finale played by Michael Rosenbaum.

Will lex Luther be in Smallville ten?

No, Lex was not mentioned in season 10 nor did he appear there.

Is lex luthor in Smallville season 9?


Is Lex Luthor going to be in season 8 of Smallville?

Yes he will be back because if anyone is stupid enough to not believe that is Michael rosenbaum is really dumb. The people making Smallville are trying to keep it a secret that Michael isn't coming back, but he is because then clark won't be superman ever.

When will smallville start?

Smallville has six more episdoes to go before the show finishes for season seven. Want to find out more go to the smallville site at To get the lastet and greatest about Smallville and it's actors.

Who tried to kill Lex Luthor in Season 3 of Smallville?

Dr. Helen Bryce was the one who was responsible for the attempted death of Lex Luthor in Season 3 of Smallville.

When does clark find out that lex is researching him?

Clark Kent finds out that Lex has been researching him in the Season 3 episode of "Covenant."

How did Lex lose his memory in season 10 in Smallville?

In the last episode of Season 10, Lex Luthor lost his memory as a result of Tess Mercer touching him with neurotoxin which was poison that resulted in Lex losing all of his memories prior to Tess putting the neurotoxin on his left cheek.

What is lex luthor's password in Smallville season 4?

Lana's Birthdate

Is Lex Luthor coming back in Smallville?

The teaser for the series finale has revealed that Michael Rosenbaum returned to play his role one last time just for the fans.

Is Lex Luthor dead?

He supposedly died but you see the back if a bald guys head in season 8 and it is a guy hooked up to machines so that is probably him.