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No, Mississippi is actually in North America. It is in the South of the United States in North America.

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No, it is in North America.

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Q: Is Mississippi south of North America?
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Is Mississippi south or North America?

Mississippi is in the north america (answered by google)

Is Mississippi located in South America?

Mississippi is located in southern North America.

Is the Mississippi river located in south America?

Nope. The Mississippi River is in North America. The Amazon River is in South America.

What is the longst north south river in the US?

The Mississippi River is the longest north/south river in North America.

Which countries does the river Mississippi flows through?

The Mississippi river flows north-south through the United States of America.

What large river runs north to south in North America?

The Mississippi River is the primary north south flowing river in the United States.

What is the longest river north to south in the US?

the mississippi river is the largest in america

What continent does the river Mississippi flow through?

The Mississippi and the Missouri rivers are on the continent of North America.

How are the Nile the Mississippi Amazon alike?

They are the longest rivers in each continents Africa, North America and South America.

Where is mississippi and what continent is it on?

Mississippi is a U.S. state located in North America.

Is Iowa north or south of Mississippi?

Iowa is north of Mississippi.

Is the Mississippi north or south of Canada?

Mississippi is south of Canada.