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Q: Is Steve-O on The Sandlot
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Is steveo an alien?

Absolutely not crazy!!Steveo is very much human sesh!!I love you Steveo

What are all the names of the sandlot movies?

the sandlot, sandlot 2, and sandlot heading home

What color are steveo's eyes?

Brown I think

What year is it in the sandlot?

The Sandlot takes place in 1962

What is the catcher's name the Sandlot gang in 'The Sandlot'?

Patrick renna

When was Sandlot Games created?

Sandlot Games was created in 2002.

In the Sandlot what character does River Phoenix play?

River Phoenix was not in 'The Sandlot'.

What nicknames does Stephen Orent go by?

Stephen Orent goes by SteveO.

What nicknames does Stephen Occhipinti go by?

Stephen Occhipinti goes by SteveO.

Where is the sandlot located in the movie the sandlot 2?

you can check "Half price bookstore"

What is up with the ending of the sandlot 2 David's shoes were found but it said it was another story and sandlot 3 has nothing to do with it?

unless they come out with a sandlot 4 nothing

What nicknames does Stephen Velichko go by?

Stephen Velichko goes by Stevey, and Steveo.